10 Types of Influencers You Must Know

Today they are Types of Influencers, since they are able to  influence the purchase decision of their followers. Years ago, people spent hours and hours in front of the TV or watched printed advertisements and the communication was unilateral. .

92% of consumers trust other people’s recommendations. We are more likely to buy a product if it is recommended by a friend or someone we admire than if we see it in an ad.

!Brands have noticed that this type of strategy is perfect if you are starting or if you are going to launch a new product/service, as long as you choose the type of influencer that suits your brand well.

That is why we have classified types of influencers, so that you can identify the right one to  promote your brand  on social networks and how they can help you according to the line of business.

So what is an influencer?

They are people who are experts in a subject or who have generated credibility , either by sharing informative or funny content. What many call an influencer is that they have a large community and that their account reaches millions of people, many likes and comments..

They are important because:

  • Its image brings reputation to the company.
  • His followers will know the brand, that is, they increase the positioning.
  • Your followers can become loyal customers .
  • Working with them can be much cheaper and easier than using other means.

However, it must be borne in mind that for this to work there must be a strategy behind it and within categories or types of influencers one must know how to choose the appropriate influencer .

Types of Influencers You Must Know

1. Celebrities

These are the personalities to whom fame in social networks came collaterally, because they started out of digital, here come musicians, athletes, dancers, models and even actors.They have a lot of exposure since their audiences are very large , everyone wants to work with them.It could be said that they are the oldest because they have existed since before the internet, but far from disappearing this has only given them more audience.

A good example is Serena Williams with Nike.

Types of Influencers You Must Know

2. Fitness

These types of influencers seek to raise awareness about the importance of having a good diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They actually talk about it passionately because they believe in and live that lifestyle and want to share it.

One such influencer is Chloe Ting, known worldwide for her two-week fitness challenges. She went viral on Tik Tok and has been on the top of Fitness influencers ever since .

Types of Influencers You Must Know

3. Fashionistas

Being at the top in the world of fashion, trends and style is something that brands are constantly looking for , from makeup, clothes and even jewelry.

They are personalities with a unique style who are in charge of showing the new fashion trends and why not? create them.

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most trusted fashion influencer and loved by fashion fans, because she is always updated and creating her own styles.

Types of Influencers You Must Know

4. Entertainment

These types of influencers have been around since the early days of the internet, we can find them doing vlogs, podcasts, fulfilling challenges.

They seek to amuse and entertain their audiences, on platforms such as YouTube or Tik Tok.

Their communities can be some of the largest, so they have great versatility to work with brands of different lines.

One of the best examples is when Nike decided to work with Juanpa Zurita to launch his Day of the Dead collection.

5. Gamers

One of the industries that has grown the most in recent years and continues to expand is the world of video games, and thanks to platforms like  Twitch , they have become very popular.

They are dedicated to sharing their experience playing and at the same time talking about the qualities and characteristics of video games.

Ibai Llanos is considered one of the best storytellers in the  League of Legends game , creating a very good reputation as a gamer influencer. As recently as 2022, he managed to achieve the biggest stream in Twitch history averaging 2.4 million viewers and setting the mark of 3,556,074 million as the highest peak.

6. Travelers

People dedicated to travel. Everyone longs for that life in which today you wake up in one place and the next day you are already on the other side of the world.

These influencers travel the world while telling us stories about the cities they visit, giving us reviews of the restaurants, tours or activities that can be done.

Luisito Comunica is one of the best-known travel influencers in Latin America and many brands have worked with him. One of those brands was Pepsi with its commercial #SeMeAntojaGuate.

7. Foodies

Like travel, we all love food.

They teach us recipes, tips and recommendations. Sometimes we need to listen to someone to dare to try, so it is interesting to closely follow someone who compiles the best food content.

Roberto Morales, or better known as Robertgrill, with his famous “Que Chille” went viral on Tik Tok for his delicious recipes and reviews that he shares, and little by little he became one of the most requested food influencers by brands with this twist.

What should you take into account when recruiting?

  1. The first thing is that you really are an influencer… because nowadays there are many fake influencers who buy followers, so to make sure it’s not a scam it’s a good idea to ask them to show their profile statistics :
    • Number of views on your stories
    • Comments on your posts
    • saved
    • Scope of each photograph
    • Success stories
  2. May your profile match the values ​​of the brand .
  3. Analyze your audience to find out if it matches the brand’s target .

For example : It is a mistake to advertise a bikini brand (that wants to reach women) if the person who will advertise it has 80% male followers and only 20% female followers.

And we must not only analyze demographic data but also the lifestyle of the people who follow the account to find out if it matches what the brand wants to reach.

Remember that they are the image and not knowing how that person works could even ruin the reputation of a brand.

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