Two mind games that are vitamins for the brain

It is curious but that of multitasking , that is, attending several fronts at the same time and dealing with many issues at the same time can block the mind instead of activating it. In fact, as Àngels Navarro, psychologist and mental training expert explains, the great enemies of the brain are stress and non-restorative sleep , in addition to lack of physical activity, poor diet, consumption of harmful substances and inactivity mental.

To slow down cognitive impairment and improve brain capacity, the psychologist proposes to practice mental exercises regularly and adopt a curious attitude towards life. “Curiosity and the desire to learn make the brain can create new neural chains that replace others that die over time, stimulate other skills and arouse stored memories that, if they do not cool, are lost,” says the psychologist .

Although it has been shown that dedicating about 25-30 minutes a day to the resolution of this type of games improve skills such as attention, memory, mental agility or concentration, it is important to clarify, as Navarro qualifies, that mental exercises They do not heal, but they stimulate those cognitive abilities that contribute to building knowledge and understanding the world around us.

The expert has devised a collection of mental training booklets called “Vitamins for the brain” that, under the Green Therapies label, invites you to work through more than 40 specific exercises, riddles and activities each of these activities: “Memory” , “Attention” and “Reasoning.”

Two of these games are dedicated precisely to strengthen brain agility and share them with ABC Wellbeing.

First game: overlays

Which of the numbered figures can be superimposed on the figure above? They do not need to be completely covered, but they cannot exceed it.

Game overlays – Vitamins for the brain

Second game: the three scammers

Help the inspector find three scammers among all these portraits. Cross out all names that appear more than once. A card with only three crossed out names will remain. The other three are the ones you are looking for.

Game of the three scammers

In addition, Àngels Navarro also invites to be aware in the day to day of everything that can contribute to favor our cognitive stimulation, especially those more concrete and less mechanical activities such as reading, playing cards or chess, going to the cinema or to the theater, to travel, to have conversations, to play with the children, to study, to sing … «There are many activities that help keep the brain active and in continuous movement. Any time of day is good to practice some brain gymnastics, you just have to feel like it, ”he concludes.

Game Solutions

If you have decided to practice with these two mind games, but you are not sure if you have done well, these are the solutions to the proposals:


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