Twitter videos not loading: why

If the Twitter videos do not load you can try to do several things, whether you are going to see them via the web or through the official mobile application, the truth is that it can result in an uncomfortable and frustrating situation because you can not see the video What did you want to see.

At some point the Internet connection may fail , the application may have an error or other incident that prevents any Twitter video from being displayed correctly, although it would be necessary to check if this happens with a specific video or with all of them in general.

Be that as it may, what it is about is that you can watch the video as usual by carrying out some procedure to try to correct that problem that does not let you see it, you can try several things and we will indicate them below, so no feel free to try them.

No internet connection

One of the main reasons why Twitter videos do not load is that you do not have an Internet connection on your mobile or on the web , so it is the first thing you should check to see if that is the problem. It would be enough to enter Google or another page and verify that fact.

When you do not have Internet, not only will the videos not load, but the application does not update your feed nor will any section of Twitter work for you, that is, it affects the app in general, although it can also be due to other causes such as you we will mention.

Video error

Another reason why you cannot see a Twitter video because it does not load is because the video itself has some kind of error that does not allow you to see it , so surely you will not be the only one who cannot see it, but also other people will not be able to view it .

You will realize that this is the case because, even if you enter through the web, the video still does not load and you can even find comments from other people in said video advising that it does not load, so that would corroborate that it does not actually work.

Twitter downfall

It may not be your problem, that is, it is not your Internet connection or anything related, but simply the social network is down and when that happens no video will work for you, but you will not be able to access your lists, view your messages private, etc.

When Twitter goes down you cannot update the feed, nor will the photos and videos be loaded, so it is a good option to check that Twitter is indeed down to verify that this is the case, if so, you have no choice but to wait for the service to work again.

Application error

It can also happen that the app has an error that makes you unable to view the videos and this, in general, has no solution, unless you check that you have a pending Twitter update in the application store and proceed to install it in your phone, so update it with the same procedure by which you can update WhatsApp .

It is very different if you access Twitter from the web, in case it is an error in the social network (something unlikely), there is no choice but to wait for it to be solved, although if that happens all the videos should fail and not just one of them.

Problems on your mobile or computer

Having ruled out the Internet connection problem and verified that you can access the network without problems, the incident could be on your mobile or computer . Due to some unknown circumstance, any of these devices may not be able to play videos.

One of the best solutions is to restart the phone or computer , this simple action that does not take more than 2 or 3 minutes can solve the problem and that the videos can load and be seen again without problems as it happened before.

There are several reasons why Twitter videos do not load , some are easily solvable and others not, but if you see that this circumstance is repeated a lot over time, you should consider if your phone, tablet or computer has a problem with these videos .

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