How to contact Epic Games

In case you need to contact Epic Games for any reason, you know that you can do it, although the available options are not too comfortable or accessible, but it does not hurt to try to see if they respond to your questions, problems, etc.

The issue is that there is a specific section of the web where there is a section of frequently asked questions, it is really the technical assistance center that the user can consult to see if with that section they can solve their most important questions about Epic Games.

You could have problems with Fortnite and want to solve them, so this would be a good reason to see that question and answer guide , where common questions that many users have are solved, so it will not be necessary to contact Epic Games directly.

In any case, if in this section you do not find what you are looking for, we are going to give you other forms of contact so that you take them into account, although that will not ensure an answer from Epic Games, but it is a matter of trying to see if they can. help.

Via contact form

This form of contact requires you to log in with your Epic Games account , so the technicians can help you easier since they will ask you for some information about the query you want to make, so the first thing you have to do is enter your access data and log in.

Then you can ask your question, the more specific the better because that way you can receive a more satisfactory answer since the more general doubts you should solve with the previous section where there are some common questions that many users share.

Web: Contact Epic Games

Social networks, Discord or subreddits

You could also use the official Twitter or Facebook accounts of Epic Games to try to contact them, but through this option you do not ensure a reply because the accounts are usually used to announce news, new options and others.

You can try sending them a private message to see if they can answer your questions, although if you see that a long time passes and you do not get an answer, you can insist, but that does not mean that they will answer you. In any case, it is one more option to try.

Then there is the option to join the official Fortnite discord where you can interact with other players and also ask questions, in addition to the Reddit subreddits to see news, problems that arise in the games and more. You could ask questions, but you may receive answers more from users than from those responsible for Epic Games .

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