How to turn off animations and make Windows 10 faster

Are you complaining because your Windows 10 PC is slow? But why don’t you start speeding up Windows 10 by turning off animations? Sure you’re not wrong the Windows 10 animations and fades are very nice to look at and are a feast for our eyes, but sometimes you have to wait for them to load and make Microsoft’s operating system seem slow. If you want to speed up Windows 10 then disable animations. If you don’t know how to turn off animations and make Windows 10 faster, take two minutes and follow me in the next paragraphs.

How to make Windows 10 faster by turning off animations and fades for faster response times

When we work with the PC or when we play our favorite game on Windows 10 it is of course obvious that it must go to maximum without interruption. If you want to have a quicker answer, there is a simple trick to speed up Windows 10 and that is to turn off the animations for a faster desktop experience. But without wasting any more time let’s see how to do this simple operation.

How to turn off animations on Windows 10

Turning off the fade effect and animations on Windows 10 you will not be able to make huge leaps in terms of performance, in fact these do not require a huge amount of resources to work , but in any case they are always graphic effects and therefore the impression that Windows 10 slows down in the performing certain operations is real and visible even to the naked eye.

As a first step to disable animations on Windows 10 click on Start then from the menu that appears select the item Settings (the icon in the shape of a gear) . To continue in the Windows Settings window that opens, select the Accessibility item .

In the new screen that opens, always stay on Screen then scroll down until you find the Simplify and customize Windows area . Once found, move the switch to Disabled in the items Show animations in Windows and Show transparency in Windows that’s all.

The settings just changed will be active immediately without the need for any saving or confirmation. If you want you can also work and manage individual animations and decide which ones to disable.

As a first step click with the right mouse button the Start button and from the menu that appears select the Windows Power Shell item . Then from the command window that opens type the command sysdm.cpl and press Enter on the keyboard to start a new window called System Properties .

At this point positioned on the Advanced tab and press the Settings button located in the Performance section . In the new screen that appears, check the Adjust item in order to obtain the best performance, then press the Apply button first and then Ok to save the change. You can also decide by removing or leaving the check in the individual animations from the list you see by checking the Custom item .


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