Turkish tea

Turkish tea (Çay in Turkish) . It is the most consumed exotic drink in Turkey , it is also the main thing for breakfast, after lunch and for the rest of the day.


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The Chinese drank it for 3000 thousand years , until a hundred years ago the Turks did not know this Drink and frequented drinking Turkish Coffee . Mr. Izzet , a Governor of the Ottoman Empire , was the first person to show an interest in Tea and in 1879 published a book on this subject. In the year 1924 , Zihni Derin an agronomist , brought seeds of tea from Georgia and planted them in Rize , the city wetterTurkey . The cultivation was a success, but Tea started to be produced in Turkey later, in 1939 . From then on, this Exotic Drink conquered the Turks.


  1. Get the tea and the kettle.
  2. Fill the bottom of the kettle with water and put the tea on top.
  3. Heat the kettle.
  4. Put the boiling water in the kettle above.
  5. Fill the bottom with water and put the kettle back on the fire.
  6. When the water returns to a boil, serve by mixing the concentrated tea with the water in the cup.


  • The Turks are in the habit of drinking tea as a typical way of life of their land and culture , where they go to Turkey tea or coffee will be offered as a badge of friendship and shelter, for this reason it is always served in houses , in bazaars and restaurants, before or after meals. Turkish tea is full of flavor and is very strong in its aroma, very strong to be served in cups of great content and for this reason it is served in small glass glasses, without being loaded so that the served can take the cup by the ends without burning your fingers, because it is always served exaggeratedly hot. Turkish tea drinkers add sugar , but milk is not traditional.


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