Tureen. A tureen is a wide, deep bowl that usually has a matching lid, and is used to serve foods such as soup , stews , punch , etc. Traditionally made of earthenware , porcelain , glass and precious metals . With the industrial age and the subsequent consumer society, soup tureens would eventually be manufactured in all kinds of ceramic and metal alloys .


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The origin of the tureen, as a culinary utensil , could have its precedent in the pot and the community bowl from the Renaissance . Later, as a work of art and luxurious object, it became fashionable in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the courts European models imported from the Far East . The production of tureens, and other kitchen utensils for the table among porcelain manufacturers in France and England , developed designs that ranged from practical, surprising, artistic and decorative.

Silver tureens

Most of the French 17th century silver tureens were cast to finance the wars of the late Louis XVII years of France and can only be glimpsed in paintings.



Metallic and Useful




Decorated and precious


Illustration of a giant pot

Chinese potters presented the largest soup tureen in the world, made of porcelain and capable of holding soup for 5,000 people.

The great sopera manufactured in the province of Canton south of China ), measuring 1.4 meters high and 1.1 m diameter , and can be placed to the fire to heat it any of the hundreds of types of tang ( soup ) that has Chinese cuisine .


In the Yoruba religion it is used to deposit the otans of the received orichas . The color, material, content and shape varies according to the oricha in question.


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