Sound level meter

Sound level meter . Measuring instrument that is used to measure sound pressure levels (on which the amplitude depends and, therefore, the acoustic intensity and its perception , loudness).


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Function and use

Specifically, the sound level meter measures the noise level that exists in a certain place and at a given moment. The unit with which the sound level meter works is the decibel .

When the sound level meter is used to measure what is known as noise pollution (annoying noise from a certain soundscape), it is necessary to take into account what is to be measured, since noise can have many causes and come from very different sources. different. To deal with this wide variety of environmental noise (continuous, impulsive, etc.), specific sound level meters have been created to allow the relevant noise measurements to be made.

In the sound level meters the measurement can be manual, or it can be programmed in advance. As for the time between the level measurements when the sound level meter is programmed, it depends on the model itself. Some sound level meters allow automatic storage ranging from one second, or less, to 24 hours. In addition, there are sound level meters that allow you to program the start and end of measurements in advance.

Measurements and other characteristics

This device allows us to objectively measure the sound pressure level. The results are expressed in decibels (dB). To determine hearing damage, the team works using an A- weighted scale that allows only the frequencies to which the human ear is most sensitive to pass, responding to sound in a similar way as it does. The device consists of a microphone , a processing section and a reading unit . Although usually, when talking about sound level meters, the microphone is included, since it is an essential element, here we have chosen to separate them since the microphone is an element applicable to any type of sound measurement instrument, while the sound level meter is a specific apparatus.

The most frequent application of a sound level meter is to determine in an objective way, the sound pressure levels that the human being supports; therefore, its characteristics should be as close as possible to that of the human ear . To achieve this, the sound level meters have certain weighting or equalization networks that make the frequency response of the sound level meter equivalent or equal to that of the human ear. By standardization and habits, the most widespread is the so-called A , which is shown with others of much smaller use. As can be seen, it produces an attenuation in low frequencies equivalent to the sound sensation in man .


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