Trifo Lucy review: vacuum, washes and supervises

Over the last weekend we had fun testing the new Trifo Lucy robot vacuum cleaner and were very impressed with its performance and cleaning features, including a dual camera for home surveillance and a navigation system with artificial intelligence. Let’s find out together.

The ongoing search for a robot vacuum cleaner that can do it all has become an almost impossible mission. Although there are many devices on the market capable of carrying out washing , suction and drying operations , finding one that can do it in the best way is not easy. Sometimes, however, you have specific needs, such as cleaning at well-defined times or protecting your pets during cleaning operations.

Trifo Lucy seems to take a look at precisely this type of user, that is, the one that needs a concrete vacuum cleaner robot that can recognize objects and animals without causing problems . Today we will try to understand what are the main features of this device, also taking advantage of the promotion available on Amazon at the moment.


  • Trifo Lucy robot vacuum cleaner: the complete test
    • Packaging and unboxing
    • Design and materials
    • AI functionality and cleanliness
    • Performance
    • Battery autonomy
    • Control via App and voice assistants
    • Technical specifications
    • Price and considerations
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Trifo Lucy robot vacuum cleaner: the complete test

The Trifo robot vacuum cleaners , already from 2020, try to differentiate themselves for one function in particular: the surveillance camera . More than two years ago having a robot with a 1080P camera and a night vision plus HDR seemed pure utopia, the company is already having a good response with the Trifo Ollie , will it be able to repeat itself also with the Trifo Lucy model ?

Packaging and unboxing

When you open the contents of the Trifo package you will be faced with a device that will seem very similar to the most famous ones, with a circular shape and a sturdy and manageable structure .

The contents of the box will present you, in addition to the robot vacuum cleaner , also a charging base , a dirt container , a water container and of course the manuals . Some offers also include soft microfiber cloths, useful for polishing the floor.

Unboxing is certainly not the most exciting, but Trifo has always distinguished itself as a company for the functionality of its robots rather than for the aesthetics of the package.

Here is the detail of the content:

  • Robot aspirapolvere Trifo Lucy.
  • Mains power supply.
  • Automatic charging station.
  • 1 Brush per roller.
  • 1 Side brush.
  • HEPA filter.
  • User manual (Italian language).
  • Dirt container.
  • Water container.
  • Some soft microfiber cloths to polish floors.

Design and materials

If you have already bought a robot vacuum cleaner, from the point of view of aesthetics and materials you will not find great innovations in Lucy . The shape is the canonical one of this type of product, even if the thickness is slightly thicker , a feature that can affect cleaning in the most difficult areas, such as under low sofas.

Although it does not have a turret for installing the camera, the upper part shows a particularly large symbol that highlights the presence of a sensor to record and video surveillance the house .

Interesting are the two air intakes on the back , which with their important dimensions draw a particularly aggressive design.

The materials that characterize this robot vacuum cleaner are mainly plastic, the golden crown on the top is made of ABS , but slightly less thick than the main structure. The product, while showing some non-top-of-the-range materials, will still give you a premium feel , as the surface is smooth and durable .

AI functionality and cleanliness

Those who buy Lucy rely on a product capable of guaranteeing maximum effectiveness for cleaning dust and elements, even of large dimensions. The 3000pa brushless motor has excellent suction power, not only for dust, but also for pet hair .

Several consumers, who have a dog or a cat, rely on Trifo products , taking advantage of video surveillance and suction power.

Using a central brush with bristles plus rubber blades and a side brush with 6 bristles of various lengths , you will be able to clean even the dirtiest spaces and areas.

By opening the upper compartment it is possible to access the 600 ml dirt container and take advantage of the many robot management keys: Power on, Home, Reset, Wi-Fi indicator, USB port.

Extracting the dirt container, from the upper compartment, you will notice that it is large and sufficient for at least 3 days of cleaning, in an average-sized house.

If you were looking for a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors, Trifo Lucy presents a water container to be mounted using a velcro system. It is very small but still does its job well polishing the floor thanks to the water-soaked mop.

The functions used for cleaning operations are entrusted to the dedicated Trifo Home app , both for iOS and Android , capable of mapping environments in a precise and fast way. The robot integrates a camera that makes the best use of artificial intelligence, allowing precise mapping even without the LiDAR system .

With this application you can also create a customized floor plan and above all observe the streaming coming from the robot vacuum cleaner in real time.

Navigation is done with 1080p HDR color camera , including collision, depth and fall sensors. 3D obstacle recognition technology allows Lucy to identify people, furniture and even very small objects (2.54cm), unlike major competitors who cannot recognize obstacles smaller than 10.2cm. We ourselves have been able to ascertain that the 3D recognition detects obstacles very well and works reliably.


In the tests we have carried out, precisely: noise, jams, cleaning on hard floors and cleaning on carpets , we have shown excellent performance . Lucy quickly identifies people, furniture and over 60 objects up to 5cm, while major competitors can’t detect obstacles shorter than 10cm.

At maximum engine power Lucy produces quite a bit of noise, in fact, 53 dB are reached in silent mode and about 60 dB in normal mode. Definitely not a pleasure to hear it up close.

Excluding the noise, in the test on the floor and carpet it did not have any problems, on the contrary, it showed excellent precision in cleaning . The robot never got stuck , even on very thick carpets, showing excellent versatility on any type of surface. The suction power is excellent , even if the larger crumbs need a second pass.

Battery autonomy

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner that is excellent for cleaning , video surveillance and mapping the house would be useless if the battery was not performing, right? From this point of view, the Trifo Lucy has a 5200 mAh battery , which, as you can imagine, is almost exaggerated for this type of product.

Thanks to all this ability you will be able to use the robot vacuum cleaner for two continuous hours , at least as stated by the manufacturer.

In fact, thanks to our test, with a cleaning in standard mode, we found a consumption of 85% after about an hour and ten minutes of work . As you can imagine, the stated values ​​are likely to be those in silent mode, so consider about an hour and twenty minutes of actual use .

Control via App and voice assistants

As we have already mentioned in the previous lines, the robot vacuum cleaner is controlled directly from the official Trifo application: Trifo Home . Once downloaded to your smartphone and logged in, you will need to configure the robot with the home Wi-Fi network in order to have complete control of the cleaning operations.

Through the application you can not only map the house , decide the times and cleaning areas (No Go zones) , define the charging phase , but also view the camera on the device in real time. You will be able to remotely take a look at the robot’s activities, but especially those of your pets. Lucy will also send you notifications when she discovers a person or noise in the house.

You will have the possibility to connect your robot even on the 5 GHz frequencies, as well as associate it with the most famous voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant .

Technical specifications

  • Robot aspirapolvere: Trifo Lucy.
  • Robot dimensions: 36 x 36 x 8.4 cm.
  • Charging base size: 160 x 142 x 100mm.
  • Robot weight: 3.6 kg.
  • Navigation system: AI + DTOF visual navigation.
  • Camera: Dual HD + dTOF cameras.
  • Object recognition: Avoid 3D obstacles.
  • Cleaning: a main brush and a side brush with six claws.
  • Suction power: 3000 Pa.
  • Dust container capacity: 600ml.
  • BatteryLife : 5200mAh.
  • Running time: 120 minutes.
  • Charging time: 180 minutes.
  • Noise Level: 60dB.
  • Voltage nominal: 14.4V.
  • Functionality to set up receipt of notifications, automatic registrations and more.
  • Compatible with: Android, iOS (app) and Alexa (voice command).

Price and considerations

An ideal robot vacuum cleaner is not only one that can clean your home or office well, but also one that can offer excellent value for money. From this point of view, the device is placed in the medium-high range with a cost of around € 469.99 .

Surely at this price it could be a slightly more expensive solution than you think, but with the coupon offered by Amazon you can save 100 euros on Trifo Lucy , lowering the total cost to 369.99 euros . Buying at this price becomes almost an obligation, given that you can have a device capable of vacuuming dust , sucking animal hair , using artificial intelligence and using a camera for live streaming .

Pet owners will surely find it a perfect solution, especially if you work outside the home for several hours a day.


  • Among the strengths there is certainly an excellent quality suction power, capable of removing even small debris from the floor.
  • Added to this advantage is precise navigationeven in the absence of lighting and recognition of very small objects.
  • The video surveillance functioncompletes a product that is certainly suitable for those who want to always have everything under control.
  • Anyone who has a dog or a cat will find in this device a trusted companionto obtain an effective cleaning of even the smallest hairs.


  • The absence of the laser technology turret forces the robot vacuum cleaner to turn on itself in many cases. This condition is unavoidable in determining the position of obstacles.
  • Noise is also definitely not a strong point, although the silent mode is acceptable, at full power the Trifo Lucy will also be heard from a distance.


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