Training in the park – the benefits of training in the green

A workout in the park is always good!  Running, walking, stretching, yoga, pilates or any other sport. Training in the park is good for the body and soul. But what kind of training can be done in a park?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of the gym, but I have always practiced outdoor activities – football, basketball, skateboarding, racing, slackline and even parkour.

In a previous post Marcia Novo showed why outdoor training is so good , in this article I want to show the types of activity, advantages and disadvantages of this training.

Training in the park

Almost all activities can be done in parks, even more so nowadays that many of them are more structured with fixed bars, backrests, bike lanes, among others.

In a free workout, we can do countless exercises without the need for equipment and calisthenics shows this well, since, in this modality, the body’s own weight is used to force the muscles at very high intensities, providing increased strength, endurance and mass slim.

Some movements of these bodyweights exercises require preparation and attention, so that they do not cause injuries.

Running and cycling are great in the park due to some reasons. First, because almost all the parks are flat, which facilitates physical preparation – nothing worse, for an unprepared person, than running or cycling uphill or downhill.

In addition to feeling the wind on your face, running on a track requires the back muscles of the thigh and glutes, something that does not happen on a treadmill, as it does the pushing work for you (running on the street or on the treadmill ).

In a park it is easy to create new friends and socialize: just hit a ball on the court, or extend the Slackline and people who like or feel an affinity for that sport appear to practice too.

Many governments have already realized that green areas and physical activity are important for the health of the population. Proof of this is that we have already started to see squares and parks more frequently with some devices available ( fixed bars, backrests, abdominal table to name a few) to stimulate and facilitate the work of stretching and strengthening.

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Disadvantages of training in the park

Like everything in this life, training in the park also has negative points. The weather can be an obstacle – rainy or very dry, very cold or extremely hot days.

We have already given some tips here on HdT on how to perform to the maximum in training on hot and cold days ( Training on cold days  and Training on hot days ).

Not seeing progress with training in the park or feeling lost in relation to how to train are common sensations, after all there is no monitoring by a professional as in the gym.

Many run away from gyms because they don’t like the environment and others run away from outdoor places because they don’t know where to start.

Sometimes the lack of material in the place, causes people to stop training any specific muscle. A question I often hear is: how can I train my back if I can’t even do a barbell?

And the answer is: there are other ways to work your back muscles, but you have no obligation to know, so you get that feeling that something is missing.

The fact is that, even in the open air, it is necessary to have the assistance of a qualified professional, both to guide you about the activities to be done (ending the feeling of “being lost without knowing where to start”) and mainly to prevent injuries from occurring due to wrong execution. exercise or for pushing more than you should.

Everyone should train in the park

Even if it is once a week, for a run, walk or play with the children or the dog – the parks are great places to inspire us, motivate us and to allow us to vent the accumulated energies.

Remember to use sunscreen when training!


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