Walkthrough South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Complete walkthrough of the South Park: Fractured But Whole storyline

Racial Academy: First Class

After the end of the next civil war, we again go to the Kozlovitsa pub for a conversation with the director. There we have to choose a race, nationality and skin tone (in our case, white, Russian and the penultimate tone).

We need a tool and a Legion of Chaos hands

Arriving at Cartman’s call to the Raccoon’s lair, we listen to the instructions, and then we go home to prepare for the night adventures. As in the last time, first of all we have dinner, and then we go to bed. After waiting for the night, we go downstairs and find that the front door is locked with three keys. We pick up the first one from the sofa, bypassing the electric barrier with the help of a bunch of stopping time. We find the second key on the hook near the entrance to the basement. Well, the third lies in the hand of our father, which is lying unconscious near the refrigerator. After getting out of the house, on the porch we will meet a new superhero named Tool, who we follow to Kenny’s house. Entering his room, we climb into the closet, where we press the button that opens a secret passage to the backyard. Next, we will meet with aggressive-minded homeless people. Fortunately,

Ultimately we get to the Keep Itself warehouse. Having passed a little forward, we notice a foil mask on the ground, lifting which we will see the owner of this den. After the cut-scene, we go into the office, where we remove the key from the wall, and then follow the guys forward. Further, having met on the way a boiler that blocks the way, we first overturn it with a joint reception with Captain Insulin, after which we pass forward and rewind time back, thus freeing the path. A little later we will stumble upon another mask. The find will be followed by a rather difficult battle, conventionally divided into two parts, therefore, in the first half of the battle, it is recommended to protect especially powerful techniques. Further we will find ourselves in a warehouse with weapons. On the spot, disabling the first thing the turret with the help of a stop-bunch, we move the box with dynamite to the crookedly nailed sheets of metal, after which we blow it up with a firecracker. Having passed a little further, we pass the wall with a joint reception with the Kite-Man. Having thus found ourselves on the scaffolding, we go down the second staircase (we lower it to the ground with a firecracker). The last obstacle on the way to the main building will be a small barricade, which we bypass, substituting a box in the free space, which Cartman will throw from the roof.

After some time, we will face the villain’s assistant, General Bardak. The difficulty of the battle with him lies in the fact that he will periodically drop lava, which not only covers a solid part of the battlefield, but also does not depend on moves (in other words, lava splashes take place in real time). In addition, ordinary opponents will constantly be in the arena, so we try to inflict damage on General Bardak as often as possible per turn. Having stopped the villain’s assistant, we save Super-Craig, using a joint technique with the Tool, after which we rise to the roof. On the spot, we approach the water tower and first of all we drop the enemy from there with a firecracker. Then, using the same explosive, we lower the top two boards. Next, we get rid of the lava and break the third board, throwing the firecracker exactly to the leftcrack. Finally returning a little back, we go down from the roof, clear the way from the lava and continue to follow the comrades who will lead us to the drug laboratory. After its inevitable destruction, we pass a little forward and stumble upon the main entrance to the villain’s lair. Enter the password and go into the building.

Having met a machine-gun barrier inside, we use a friend’s sand blaster on the pipeline. Throwing, thus, a box with fireworks in the midst of enemies, we blow it up with a firecracker, after which we move forward. As a result, we will face a huge boss, the battle with which will take place in three stages. During the first phase, the enemy will use two attacks: throwing lava that causes burns, and also launching missiles that reach the designated area after several turns. Unlike lava, rockets inflict significant damage, so we try not to leave our soldiers in areas under fire. At the second stage, the boss changes the launch of lava to a melee attack, and also acquires the help of medics. So first we deal with them, and only then we beat the villain. Well, in the last phase, the boss becomes, in fact, an ordinary enemy,

Chaos Gambit

After talking with the team of heroes in Cartman’s lair, we go to the house of Butters. As a result of certain events, we will find ourselves locked in his room. To get out of there, we need to make a flying henchman. So, first we take the blueprints that are on the computer desk. Next, we select a cloak from a small superhero figure lying at the nightstand on the right. Then we knock down the rocket with a firecracker on the bed and collect the foil from it (we move the ladder to the bed). We get the henchman out of the hamster’s cage. Next, we make a test pilot in the “Creation” section, and after breaking the cover of the panel with a firecracker, we launch a henchman there, using a joint technique with Professor Chaos. Having successfully escaped from captivity, a battle with Butters’ father will follow, after which we go to meet with the Freedom Fighters in Token’s house.


After receiving a message from the main villain of the game, we go to the destroyed cafe “Stallion”, which is located next to Kenny’s house, and go up to the second floor, where an obvious ambush and subsequent battle with Korean ninjas await us.

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