Top Law Universities to Apply in 2023 USA

Several top American colleges are offering high-quality law courses to students. This has made the US a go-to location for people who want a career in this field. Once enrolled, a student typically spends a minimum of 3 years in school. If you graduate and earn your law degree, you will have multiple job options to select from. You can choose public or private practice in different fields.

Being a graduate of a top law school in America increases your chances of success and employability after graduation. Although it is challenging, enrolling in any of these schools gives you a considerable advantage after graduation.

Stanford University

Founded in 1893, Stanford Law School is an internationally recognized school. Depending on what you want to achieve, you have the options of earning a master’s, a combined medicine and biosciences master’s, and a PhD in law. In addition, you have the option of specializing in over 20 sub-categories, which include:

  • History;
  • International policy studies;
  • Philosophy;
  • Public policy.

While in school, you will learn about public policy and how to engage with it. Likewise, faculty members will help you understand sectors that are crucial to the public.

New York University

The law school at New York University began operating in 1835. Like most legal institutions, it allows you to earn a law degree after your undergraduate studies. While in school, you can specialize in economics, international law, taxation, and much more. If you want to explore other countries, you can sign up for the dual degree program offered by this institution.

Like most top schools, New York University has multiple learning clinics focused on energy, the environment, and social issues. They give you a chance to gain invaluable legal expertise while still in training. You can also get some insight into the business world and learn about the role of law in business education by taking a related course.  New York University Stern School of Business is an option for those students whose interest lies with business, so you should definitely check it out if you would like to branch out from your legal studies.

Yale University

Yale Law School Opened in 1824. It offers two types of master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively. In addition, you may choose to enrol in programs that include other disciplines. In line with maintaining its standards and academic excellence, Yale gives you access to over 2 dozen clinics to select from. Likewise, you have the option of exploring multiple clinics to expand your horizon. Apart from that, you also gain experience through multiple yearly seminars and events organized by the school. 

Harvard University

The Harvard Law School’s existence dates back to 1817. This institution also lets students obtain a JD, an LLM, – a Latin Legum magister (master of law) – and an SJD (scientiae juridical doctor) degree. You can specialize in any of these qualifications via finance, public health, and other sectors of public concern.

While enrolled in this school, you will have access to reading groups and seminar courses. Unlike many universities, Harvard Law keeps classes as small as possible for effective learning. Likewise, clinics give you a taste of reality on topics like criminal and civil laws.

The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Law School was established in 1902. It offers you degree programs of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Also, each of these programs offers interdisciplinary courses that ensure students prepare for the real world. To make learning interesting, professors are encouraged to engage students in continuous dialogue on emerging public issues. This rigorous approach allows students to learn and grow.


If you are thinking of becoming a lawyer, you should consider enrolling in one of the top 5 law schools in the country. These institutions are Stanford University, New York University, Yale University, Harvard University, and The University of Chicago. Each school offers a unique experience for students. The graduates of these institutions are highly regarded all around the world, so you can’t go wrong with these options.


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