Leading Law Universities in the USA

Read on to find out about the United States’ best law schools.

The USA is filled with some of the best universities for studying law in the world. We recommend studying at one of these universities if the law is the path you want to go down. 


One of the most prestigious and exclusive law schools around, Stanford University is often voted as the best school for law in the United States. With a very small student body and a minuscule acceptance rate, only the best of the best can walk the grounds of Stanford. 

First opened in 1893, Stanford has been the home to dozens of future Chief Justices, US Secretaries, Senators, and Attorney Generals, as well as several students who would become heads of other law schools and universities. 

The University of Washington

One school that is often overlooked when studying law is UW. With just over 500 students, the school is just as exclusive as somewhere like Stanford or Harvard but is somewhat more accessible. 

UW student housing is some of the best around, the campus is loved by all those who attend and study it, and the feel of the university is often regarded as one of the most welcoming. 


Another school that needs no introduction is Yale. While Yale University is over 300 years old, its law branch was only established in 1810. However, it has a storied history as one of the most prominent universities ever. 

It has been attended by the likes of Gerald Ford, Bill, and Hillary Clinton, several Supreme Court justices, 9 Attorney Generals, and many people who have served in Congress or worked in the justice system. 

University of Chicago

With an almost 98% BAR pass rate, the University of Chicago Law School is one of the top 5 best law schools in the country. A spot at UC Law is sought after due to its use of the Socratic teaching method. 

This involves the students participating in dialogue surrounding complex legal issues, preparing them for the high-pressure courtroom environment. Many graduates have attributed their success to this rigorous approach.


With multiple law “clubs” and programs that set students up for a life in the world of law, Northwestern is one of the most hands-on law schools in the country. Even during the application process, potential students are encouraged to meet with the Admissions Committee and interview them before being accepted. 

Much like every school on this list, Northwestern has played host to scores of graduates who became giants in their field. However, they hold the distinction of being the school where Ada Kepley graduated in 1870; she was the first American woman to graduate from law school. 

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has set itself apart from many other law schools due to how it grades its students and the type of programs it has created. When it comes to grading, students aren’t given a letter grade and are not ranked against their peers; this has helped create a culture of students helping each other and growing together. 

UC Berkley offers unique energy, clean technology, and environmental law programs. They have also been pioneers in intellectual property law and technology law. 

Columbia University

Columbia is the oldest university in the state of New York and is also one of the country’s oldest. First opened in 1754, the university predates the existence of the United States. While the law wing of the school was only around 100 years later, it is still steeped in prestige and history. 

Columbia has been the home to a staggering amount of government and justice system officials and a couple of presidents, including Franklin D. and Theodore Roosevelt. 

Cornell University

Cornell University is a private Ivy League school that has been operational since 1865. While the school often falls out of the Top 10 best in the country, it can usually be found in the Top 5 rankings by Above the Law, a scale that prioritizes career outcomes. 

Cornell is famed for creating new lawyers and law experts who are well-prepared for the reality of working in the legal field from the moment they graduate. While it often falls in the shadow of the likes of Stanford and Yale, its graduates certainly do not. 


Finally, one of the most well-known schools in media, the movies, TV, and the world, Harvard has been the benchmark for law school for several decades. While Stanford now ranks higher than it, many don’t think it can get any better than saying you graduated from “Harvard Law.”

While the school has a more considerable student body than most on this list, it does not mean the entry requirements are any less strict or sought-after. Both Barack and Michelle Obama have graduated from Harvard, and several heads of state and leaders from around the world. 

These schools represent the best in studying law in the United States. If you are lucky enough to be admitted, your chances of immense success in life are almost guaranteed. These are the schools that set the standard, not only in the US but across the globe

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