Top 8 different benefits to motivate your employees

Differentiated employee benefits are perks and advantages granted by organizations to their employees. They generally constitute facilities and advantages in certain types of services, which aim to meet some needs and preferences of members.

It is a type of strategy used by organizations that seek to motivate employees and achieve greater productivity and loyalty from their employees.

The types of employee benefits are intended to add to the remuneration of employees of a company, being indirect forms of total compensation.

Benefit packages and incentive programs are increasingly gaining momentum among companies that are realizing their importance to business.

They can be considered an efficient strategic tool for the management of companies’ Human Resources. The benefits therefore act as real attractions to retain talent within the organization.

A company’s benefits package for employees can have several options according to employee preferences.

There are different models of benefit packages that offer, from basic to more modern items such as:

  • health insurance;
  • life insurance;
  • language courses;
  • gym plans;
  • leisure activities and other options.

Why benefits are important to organizational culture

By investing in benefits in a planned way, it is possible to meet, at the same time, the needs of employees and be financially viable for the organization. This strengthens an organizational culture based on benefits.

It represents an efficient strategy to help organizations to keep their professionals prepared and motivated, becoming true partners, who “wear the company’s shirt”.

This is extremely important, as currently, most professionals are always looking for better opportunities.

The scenario has become quite different from what it was ten years ago, in which most people wanted to build a solid career in a single company. Now, as a new organization offers more advantageous conditions, the professional tends to change jobs more easily.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out an efficient implementation of benefits. For this, each company needs to design its packages according to the profile of its employees and their activities.

The benefits are capable of satisfying the individual, economic and social objectives of the professionals so that it is possible to provide a more peaceful, productive and personal, family and work life for everyone.

In addition, they have great power of attraction when hiring and retaining talent in the company, which gradually benefits from a more prepared and agile team.

The offering of differentiated benefits to employees still brings advantages that go beyond hiring. As employees have good working conditions within the organization, they become more satisfied and motivated. And this, of course, reflects productivity and commitment for the company.

8 different benefits to motivate employees

Most companies have realized that it is necessary to offer more than a good salary to keep their teams productive and capable.

Retaining high-level professionals requires offering ideal working conditions, a career plan, flexible benefit packages , among other advantages.

According to a survey conducted by Page Personal in 2016, 57% of professionals active in the market consider a company benefits package for employees to be a crucial point when evaluating a job opportunity.

However, there is a big difference between what companies usually include in their packages and what really pleases employees.

Therefore, the great challenge for most organizations is precisely to know which are the best options that will really make a difference in motivating their employees, which can be a differential when hiring.

Thus, it is necessary to reflect on what benefits to offer.

To help your company make a decision, we’ve separated seven different employee benefits. Check it out below:


Benefit 1: Salary On Demand

The CareerBuilder survey, conducted in 2017, attested that 78% of respondents are barely able to settle accounts with their salary .

In addition, of the more than 3,000 respondents, about ¾ of them also attested that they have one or more accumulated debts . Clear sign that something needs to be changed, agree?

On- demand pay is a modality that is gaining momentum in the market, which aims to add flexibility so that employees receive for hours worked, but not yet paid. Something that alleviates many of the financial problems – and those generated by the challenges of closing accounts.

Let’s look at a simple example: if the company has the habit of making payments for its human resources only on the 30th, or on the fifth business day of each month, professionals are limited to that .

If a pending account will earn interest in that period when there is no more money in the account, the debts will accumulate. However, with the offer of the salary on demand, the professional can receive the payment of the days already worked whenever he wants. Best of all, he has the flexibility to plan his month.

We recommend that you read this article to better understand on-demand pay . In it you will understand the features of Xerpay , a corporate benefit of payments on demand .


Benefit 2: Flexible Hours

The new professional profile that is consolidating itself in the current market increasingly seeks flexible working hours as they adopt lifestyles totally different from the traditional pattern that companies are used to.

Therefore, not having a fixed time to enter or leave the service has been one of the great differentials of benefits and is still adopted by few companies.

Those companies that have already adopted this option have come to realize that much more advantageous than keeping all their employees working during business hours, is to have and maintain a high quality service rendered.

Many professionals who are dedicated to their duties at other times have shown a great improvement in their performance, as they are totally dedicated, without external concerns.

This greater flexibility resolves bureaucratic issues in an easy way, the employee no longer needs to negotiate possible absences or time off with HR to solve personal problems, he only changes his hours, being able to develop all his tasks without complications.


Benefit 3: Financial Education

Educational incentives are very important for companies. Through this, professionals continue to study and update their knowledge so that they can always improve their skills.

Thus, they develop their tasks better within the work environment. Therefore, it is essential to offer some opportunity to raise your team’s knowledge.

Financial education classes can then be a different benefit that will bring big gains to your company.

As we already know, here in Brazil little is taught at school about the necessary care with personal finances in adulthood and it is a subject of vital importance for any professional, regardless of their area of ​​expertise.

Therefore, offering this benefit to employees can help them learn better how to deal with their personal finances, starting to save more and be more secure in relation to their financial condition.


Benefit 4: Academy and culture voucher

Another great option of differentiated benefits for employees that stands out among the companies that offer the best alternatives are Health and Leisure.

The worker’s profile has changed. Employees are no longer looking only for basic issues, such as health insurance, they want to stay healthy and develop activities focused on well-being.

Currently, offering plans with gyms so that employees can practice physical activities has been more attractive than a health plan, for example.

The cultural voucher also comes into this same issue. The new employee no longer wants to worry only about work and paying their bills. He is looking for new cultural experiences.

To include the cultural voucher in your company’s benefits package, you can offer it in different ways:

  • Distribute a number of cinema, theater or concert tickets monthly;
  • Offer a prepaid credit card with pre-established amounts that can be spent to attend cultural presentations or purchase books.


Benefit 5: Daycare centers inside the company

Providing a space within the company itself, where employees can safely leave their children is one of the best benefits for those employees who are parents.

Having a place within the same work environment is a great advantage, especially for women who have just returned from maternity leave.

This alternative facilitates the employee’s routine by allowing her to have a better chance of checking how her children are during the day and, in some cases, breastfeeding when the children are still in their arms.


Benefit 6: Agreement with establishments close to work

Many workers are unable to return home at lunch because they live too far from work and end up spending the whole day at the company.

Therefore, offering agreements with establishments close to the workplace can be a great advantage.

Thus, the employee’s routine becomes easier with this type of convenience and practicality.

Therefore, discounts at stores, restaurants, gyms, schools and other commercial establishments that are geographically close to the office are great benefits for you to adopt in your company.


Benefit 7: Work from home office

In addition to many companies offering the option of flexible hours, another alternative is full or partial work – some days a week – in the home office.

Making this option available is a benefit that seduces many professionals and is becoming common in Brazil.

For many companies, it is still not viable, but depending on the activities developed by the employee, it can present great savings and benefits for the corporation.

One of the main advantages of this practice for companies is being able to count on trained professionals, but who live in other cities or states, without having to pay extra expenses such as: housing, transportation and transfers, for example.


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