Top 7 VPNs for JIO to Increase Speed ​​and Privacy

  • Jio is one of the largest operators in India, but the company has come under fire for its violations against net neutrality.
  • If you want to regain your right to a free internet and access all banned websites, you will need a VPN like PIA.
  • For more information on how VPNs can unblock the internet and allow you to access restricted websites, take a look at our full VPN page.
  • We have an entire section dedicated to Streaming VPNs, so check it out if you want to watch shows that are geo-restricted.


This article looks at some of the best VPNs for increasing the speed of Jio, especially when using the network as an access point on PCs.

Jio, also known as Jio Reliance, is one of the leading Internet / Network Service Providers in India. The network provider made a terrible entry into the market a couple of years ago with its “supersonic” 4G network. And within this period, Jio has accumulated more than 150 million subscribers.

However, due to Jio’s limited bandwidth and increased demand, the network now provides the speed and connectivity of its subscribers, especially those on the 4G network, with the aim of moderating their bandwidth to serve its millions of subscribers.

However, you can easily get around this restriction by installing a VPN, preferably on your PC. Read on to learn about some of the best VPNs to boost your Jio speed.

The virtual private network (VPN) is effective against the limitation of the connectivity of its subscribers by Jio Reliance. A durable VPN has features that mask both location and internet traffic. Therefore, the network provider cannot track your internet usage, which means that your internet speed will continue to operate at its optimal capacity.

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  • VPN to increase the speed of Jio on PC
    • Private Internet access (recommended)
    • Private internet access
    • Cyberghost
    • NordVPN
    • SurfShark
    • IPVanish
    • PureVPN
    • TorGuard
    • FAQ: use a VPN on Jio

VPN to increase the speed of Jio on PC


Private Internet access (recommended)

Jio has been heavily criticized for his violations of net neutrality and anti-consumer behavior. The operator is speeding up the internet speed and banned websites. This can be avoided by using a VPN such as private internet access.

PIA offers military grade encryption at a very affordable price. You can mask your IP in a few clicks and bypass all bandwidth limitations and internet restrictions.

Besides this, you have a service that covers all your devices so you don’t have to worry about different VPN clients.

Until Jio relaxes his measurements, he will need to use a VPN to enjoy the freedom found online.

But more importantly, using a VPN should be part of your daily life, regardless of your IPS or provider, as it protects your data and offers you a private and secure browsing experience.

Here are some of the features to expect when you start using PIA:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IP masking to avoid geographic restrictions
  • Protection for up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Military grade encryption
  • WireGuard®, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP / IPSec protocols
  • P2P support
  • Thousands of servers in more than 45 countries.

Private internet access

Bypass Jio’s restrictions and enjoy a free and secure internet connection with private internet access. Enjoy a huge discount right away!

$ 2.85 / month Buy it now



Cyberghost, like most VPNs, works best on PC. As such, it can be used to improve the speed of a Jio network that is connected to a PC through an access point (from a mobile device). In this way, you can enjoy optimized speed on your PC, even while the source provider (mobile phone) is still running at a fast pace.

On top of that, Cyberghost has one of the largest server networks in the industry, with several servers in Asia and other continents. In total, Cyberghost hosts more than 3,300 servers in more than 55 countries around the world.

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However, the essential features in this speech are the identity encryption and location masking features. Some of these features include 256-bit protocol, kill switch, DNS leak protection, unlimited bandwidth, and zero log profile.

Other Cyberghost features include 45-day money-back guarantee, multiple simultaneous connections, dedicated IP addresses, OpenVPN support, and more.

Cyberghost offers a limited free trial for seven days. After this period, users must subscribe to a paid plan. Pricing plans start at a flat rate of $ 3.5 / mo. However, the most popular plan is the 2-year plan that costs $ 4.13 per month, but at the moment you can find various discounts.

Smart choice! Strong Features:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • More than 5600 servers around the world.
  • Great pricing plans
  • Excellent support

Get CyberGhost VPN now



NordVPN offers Jio subscribers who want to improve the internet speed on their PCs (and mobile phones) one of the most extensive server coverages in the VPN industry.

This VPN hosts an average of 100 servers (approx.) Per location, and has over 60 server locations around the world. Therefore, Jio subscribers in India rely on a large number of servers to spoof their location and hide their traffic logs.

NordVPN’s core features include: 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), multiple connection protocols (STP, PPTP, L2TP, and more), DNS leak protection, kill switch, IP, P2P sharing, and security guarantee. money back (30 days).

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Plus, you can connect up to six devices to a single NordVPN account. Thus, you can easily increase the Internet speed of your Jio network on your smartphone, as well as on the PC connected to the access point.

NordVPN is available for free, for a short one-week trial period. After the free trial expires, you must subscribe to a paid plan. The cheapest plan (2 years) costs $ 3.99 per month.

Download NordVPN now

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SurfShark is another top VPN that is suitable for increasing the speed of Jio. Although, this VPN’s server network is not as extensive as other major VPN providers, it is optimized for speed, and its encryption system is top-notch.

SurfShark hosts an average of 10 servers per location, in approximately 50 countries around the world. With this, Jio subscribers can spoof their location attributes, connecting to various servers around the world. And in the process, they can improve their connectivity on the Jio network.

This VPN houses a set of powerful security and stealth features, which work in conjunction with each other, to protect user privacy. Some of these features include:

  • AES (256-bit) encryption formulation
  • IKEv2 and OpenVPN security protocol
  • Share P2P
  • Torrent support
  • Zero traffic log
  • Unlimited connection
  • Multiplatform support
  • And more

SurfShark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscriptions. Their pricing plans are classified into three: monthly (at $ 11.95), yearly ($ 5.99 / month or $ 71.88), biennial ($ 1.99 / month or $ 47.76).

The best decision Surfshark VPN

  • Activity logs are not kept
  • Multi-server connection
  • Split tunnel for specific applications

Get Surfshark VPN now

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IPVanish conveniently stands out as one of the best VPNs for speed-boosting Jio, regarding its relative speed, coverage, and encryption protocols. It has the ability to support multiple connections at the same time. Thus, you can increase the speed of all PCs (and smartphones) that are connected, through an access point, on the Jio network.

IPVanish has around 1,150 servers in more than 60 locations around the world. It also hosts tens of thousands of IP addresses for its subscribers.

Other main features of IPVanish include: No logging policy, improved connectivity, high-end 256-bit encryption, P2P sharing, L2TP protocol, OpenVPN support, cross-platform compatibility, 7-day refund policy, and more.

For PCs and Android devices, the free trial version of IPVanish is not available (it is only available for iOS users). Their subscription plans start at a relatively affordable rate of $ 3.74 / month. There are three other paid plans, which are offered at more expensive prices.

 Get IPVanish now

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PureVPN is one of the most suitable VPNs for increasing the speed of Jio. It houses a set of advanced features that optimize Internet connection and improve speed. PureVPN has servers in approximately 150 locations around the world, with an average of 5 servers (approx.) At each location.

Additionally, PureVPN’s geo-masking and security feature sets include: industrial-class (256-bit) AES encryption protocol, automatic kill switch, split tunnel sipport, torrent servers, VPN access point, application filter and web, unlimited bandwidth and server switching, built-in ad blocker, NAT firewall, multiple connection protocols and more.

These features are designed to not only ensure your privacy, but also to enhance your system connectivity. As such, it is very ideal for increasing Jio’s speed.

Additionally, PureVPN can support multiple connections on a single VPN network, and is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

PureVPN is available in three pricing variants: monthly, annual, and 5-year plans. The most popular plan is the annual plan, which is offered at a rate of $ 69.95 per year.

Lastly, PureVPN offers you the opportunity to cancel your subscription and claim your money, within a grace period of 30 + 1 days.

 Get PureVPN now

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TorGu ard rounds out our list of the best VPNs to boost Jio speed. This VPN offers a powerful set of features that make it suitable for Jio users. TorGuard offers an all-inclusive package that provides users with adequate security, while speeding up their connection.

This VPN hosts more than 3000 servers in approximately 52 locations around the world. In addition, it features the industry standard encryption protocol, relative to 256-bit AES.

Other notable features of Torguard include OpenVPN and SSTP support, invisible proxy, no logging policy, dedicated IP addresses, unlimited bandwidth (and speed), 5-in-1 connection, and more.

Of all the TorGuard features, the invisible proxy and no-logging policy make Torguard exceptionally suitable for Jio users who want to mask their identities and improve connectivity on the network. Both of these features ensure that your traffic is properly encrypted. Therefore, your network provider (Jio) will not be able to detect your internet traffic / usage.

TorGuard pricing plans start at $ 9.99 per month. However, their most popular and profitable plan is the 2-year plan, which is available at a fixed price of $ 99.99.

 Download TorGuard


In the past two years, Jio has moderated his subscribers’ Internet use. This is evident in the marked reduction in internet speed, especially in the 4G network service.

As a result of this, the more than 150 million subscribers on the Jio network now operate with moderate internet speed. To solve this problem, the best solution is by adopting a VPN.

We have outlined some of the best VPNs to increase the speed of Jio in this article. By installing any of the VPNs described above on your PC (or smartphone), you can easily bypass Jio’s speed restrictions and enjoy streamlined connectivity.

FAQ: use a VPN on Jio

  • Is Jio banning the VPN?

Jio has come under fire for its anti-consumer practices and potential net neutrality violations with bans on proxy websites. However, you can still get access to prohibited content using a VPN. We recommend private internet access to mask your IP and also bypass bandwidth limits.

  • How do I download VPN on my Jio phone?

Once you sign up for PIA, you can download the apk and install it on your phone. From here, log in with your account and you are ready to lift all restrictions.


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