NordVPN: Review Top-Rated VPNs

VPNs are in vogue in recent times due to their different options … Whether it is to overcome geographical barriers to access streaming services or to protect your data, NordVPN is one of the most reliable options (and at a good price) today.

NordVPN is one of the most popular virtual private networks in the world, if not the most, as it is the best valued globally. It is synonymous with prestige and quality. The developer Tefincom & Co offers one of the most versatile networks globally, with an offer of more than 5,000 servers in almost 60 countries without neglecting what ultimately matters: an economical and secure service.

Using NordVPN is very easy, whether or not you know about private networks and connections. With it, users will be able to access a public IP address other than the one used by our router or Internet service provider through the application, and we will be able to locate, through that IP, in another remote country.

VPNs are used for various functions, such as accessing multimedia content in another country that is restricted in ours, guaranteeing data privacy when browsing anonymously or blocking malicious software or annoying ads, itself. All you need is an internet connection, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s from your computer or smartphone, because they also have a mobile application.

Its services and rates for new users start from € 2.80 per month for the 2-year plan, with a 72% discount and 3 months free . The annual plan has a 58% offer, starting at € 4.18 / month, that is, € 50.15 throughout the year. And if you want to try it for a month, the monthly price is € 10.16.

Speed ​​tests

If you are here, it is probably because you have ever heard the name NordVPN. And it is that indeed, it is, in addition to the best valued in all the rankings, it is the fastest compared to any other VPN competitor. Tests such as the speed test let us know the ping or line speed that we will reach using this application.

In fact, in a test conducted by the independent security institute AV-TEST , NordVPN achieved certification as the fastest VPN after testing 10 other packages such as those from Avast, Avira or Hotspot Shield, among others.

In our tests, the result was more than satisfactory. In the upload speed, there is hardly any influence of having the VPN activated, so it is guaranteed that we will not have problems when uploading files to the cloud safely or maintaining a stable connection in video streaming. We did see a certain impact on the download speed, but without being something that supposes a real problem, and a certain increase in ping or latency.

VPN test result without VPN


Test result with VPN


Works with services like Netflix, Disney +, HBO and others

One of the most outstanding features is being able to access multimedia content platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney, among many others. These streaming platforms are not the same in all countries, and in many countries they advance seasons, or there are series available that in others are not, and vice versa. Thanks to networks like NordVPN that is over.

For those who cannot bear the end of a season, or want to see a series that is not available, hire a VPN, and that is, countries like the United States triple the amount of content and platforms compared to Spain.

Therefore, you can access the main streaming platforms with NordVPN, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Filmin, HBO, SKY, Rakuten TV, Disney + or channels such as AX Now, FOX Play, Starz Play or Apple TV +.

NordVPN servers

It would be very difficult to indicate all the countries to which you can connect. But through NordVPN you can access a total of 5185 servers in 60 countries around the world, and depending on the activity you want to do and where you want to connect from, NordVPN will recommend and help you find the right server. From making your connection secure, to protecting P2P traffic or accessing content restricted for geographical reasons, in the more than 5000 servers and 60 countries, you will find the best way to do what you need.

6 devices simultaneously         

This is an important fact, because many companies or even individuals use a VPN on several devices simultaneously and are not limited only to a computer and a mobile. NordVPN has looked at this scenario and lets users have up to six connections to a single account. In addition, the mobile application is identical to the computer application, very intuitive and easy to use.

Records Policy

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, NordVPN maintains a strict no-logs policy . They don’t exist, basically. They do not track, collect or share private data from user records. And it is that by law, in the country in which they are, Panama, is not obliged to have records of this type.

When you connect to a network through NordVPN, there will be no record of where you connect or what you do, so your privacy is complete and absolute. In fact, at the end of 2018 they hired a study by the prestigious PwC Switzerland to carry out an analysis in which they found that NordVPN had no records in favor of user privacy

NordLynx: new, faster and more secure protocol

Through this protocol, based on the popular WireGuard , users who make use of it will achieve high speeds thanks to a large bandwidth, avoiding the loss of speed that happens with other VPNs. It uses a unique encryption suite incorporating the latest symmetric encryption algorithms, asymmetric encryption, and also hashing algorithms to check the integrity of all transferred data.

As we said, it is based on the WireGuard protocol and architecture, which in turn is based on the UDP protocol in a very efficient way, and is the most efficient and fast so far, above the VPN protocols that it has used. NordVPN like OpenVPN and Ipsec , for example.

In addition, it includes a double NAT system so it will not store any data that allows the identification of users when a particular server is being used. In short: speed and security are guaranteed. In fact, since NordVPN, after more than 250,000 speed tests they have concluded that NordLynx is faster than OpenVPN or Ipsec.

CyberSec and Darkweb Monitor

Have you ever heard of these two concepts? NordVPN CyberSec will allow us to block pages that contain malware, phishing, or any other threat. It will also block pop-up ads, and is easily configurable through the Settings menu in Windows, Ios, macOS, and Linux applications. It works really well for day-to-day browsing, blocking uncomfortable tabs and alerting you when there is a threat. The only downside (that can be solved) is that through Android it does not block advertising if NordVPN has been downloaded through the Google Play Store, however, with an .apk from the website itself, it would be solved.

On the other hand, the Darkweb Monitor is a very useful tool to protect yourself from cyberattacks. This tool protects you that your information ends up in the ‘dark-web’, data such as your password, email … In Android and iOS applications it is as simple as opening the configuration menu and activating both options to have a plus of security.

Pros and cons

Finally, let’s get to the point: what did we like (and what didn’t) about NordVPN ?:

  1. We liked the level of security and privacy , above any other VPN. Let me explain that NordVPN is based in Panama, where there are no laws against data retention and its government does not monitor the internet network and there are no records on the privacy and use that users make of it. Many users or companies save their data on VPNs.
  2. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), one of the most widely used and secure algorithms today. For example, the North American NSA uses this algorithm to secure ‘top secret’ documents. They also use PGP keys.
  3. Access to content blocked in our countries . It’s one of the biggest reasons users end up choosing NordVPN. Let’s say you want to access Netflix America because they have series that you don’t have in the Spanish catalog. Accessing through NordVPN you can virtually locate there and break the geographical barrier.
  4. Extra services : blocking of advertising, malware and secure storage of data, passwords, etc. These extras are integrated into the application that we will use.
  5. Access to P2P content . Countries like Spain or any other have blocking P2P content. NordVPN is able to bypass that security layer and access streaming content.

On the other hand, there are some things, very few, of course, that must be taken into account:

  1. The client used in Windows is slow . It takes too long to connect to a server, and more considering the use of an SSD. The average is between 10 and 15 seconds.
  2. Some servers are extremely slow . This is the case of the Malaysian server. The connection megabytes are very low (less than 5), which makes navigation not smooth.
  3. Some Amazon Prime servers have been blocked in certain countries despite being connected remotely, making it impossible to connect to that service.
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