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Text editing today is at the peak of its popularity among other professions related to the media and texts. Every day millions of people consume information created by journalists, bloggers, experts, copywriters. And often this information comes into the public domain unprocessed. As a result, we are faced with unverified and conflicting data, articles and videos that are full of errors. The editor’s job is precisely that, thanks to his vigilance, users see only high-quality text, cleansed of verbal rubbish and factual errors.

The demand for editorial services has grown significantly over the past 2-3 years. Almost every self-respecting site includes a staff of such a specialist in order to improve the quality of the content. The same applies to social media and print media. There are many ways to become an editor – to acquire the profession of a journalist and build a career. Self-education. Or trust professionals and complete correspondence / distance courses with the appropriate qualifications. Today we’ll take a look at what we think are the best editorial courses available for online learning.


1 Faculty of Editing and Copywriting by GeekBrains

2 Profession “Editor from scratch to PRO” from Skillbox

3 Course “Commercial Editor” from Netology

4 Course “Editing and fact-checking” from TexTerra

5 School of Editors from Bureau Gorbunov

6 Online Editors Course from Hedu

7 Course “Editing and preparation of materials for publication in the media” from the Infourok project

8 Conclusion

Faculty of Editing and Copywriting by GeekBrains

Website –
Duration of training – 12 months.
The cost of training is 108,000 rubles or 9,000 rubles. per month in installments for a year.

The training format is video lectures and live webinars with industry leaders. Recruitment to study groups is carried out several times a year. Classes – 2-3 times a week in the evening.

What is included in the program:

  • types of information sources, work with them – collection, systematization, verification and storage;
  • creation of texts – purpose, filling with meaning, heading, syntax, commercial information, product content, selling text, typical mistakes;
  • editing – basics, principles, tools, text structure, comments;
  • ethical aspects – fact-checking, plagiarism, clickbait, embargo, censorship, etc .;
  • copyright and personal data, content related to information about children, commercial and state secrets, taboo topics, compliance with Roskomnadzor requirements, copyright protection;
  • Internet promotion tools – analysis of target audience, traffic, sales funnels, distribution channels;
  • content plan and content strategy for different audiences and platforms;
  • layout on Tilda and ReadyMag;
  • storytelling;
  • editorial and web analytics;
  • teamwork – tasks, roles, tools, contractors, personnel – hiring, training in standards and red policy, motivation, payment, reflection;
  • fundamentals of budgetary policy;
  • work with customers – business negotiations, formation of a brief and technical specification, work with objections;
  • freelance editor work.

The training is based on real projects. Students will be completely immersed in editorial tasks so that the process of mastering the profession is as efficient as possible.

GeekBrains proudly states that 100% of their graduates are employed as editor and copywriter. University specialists help students with the choice of vacancies, prepare a portfolio and resume, advise before interviews.

Skillbox Editor from Scratch to PRO Profession

Site –
Duration of training – at an individual pace.
The cost of training is 3,900 rubles. per month in installments, the first three months – free.

The Skillbox training program consists of six complete self-paced courses. By the time of release, the listeners will have 13 works in their portfolio. All graduates undergo an internship at Ornament Media.

What is included in the program:

  • copywriting from A to Z – style, literacy, text structure, formats, genres, copyright and commercial text, media consumption and media literacy, landing page, news, editing, career and order search;
  • content marketing – analysis of target audience, detuning from competitors, choosing a strategy and adapting to a brand, forming a promotion strategy, launching and evaluating a project;
  • commercial editing – the principles and techniques of the editor’s work, work on the text about the company, landing page, mailing list, commercial proposal, blog;
  • Google and Excel spreadsheets from scratch to PRO – formulas and functions, data visualization, pivot tables, forecasting, analysis, optimization tools, collaboration, etc.;
  • editorial staff management – authors, proofreaders, editors;
  • operational management – motivation, KPI, budgeting, quality management, implementation of improvements.

Students, under the guidance of experienced editors, carry out three diploma projects – “Content for a blog, social networks and mailings”, development of a content strategy for a real case, analysis of the company in order to optimize its activities with the help of texts.

Skillbox helps its graduates in finding employment – an hr manager will select vacancies from partner companies, help with a resume and portfolio, and prepare for an interview.

Course “Commercial Editor” from Netology

Website –
Duration of training – 9.5 months.
The cost of training is 41,930 rubles or from 3,494 rubles. per month.

Format – live webinars twice a week, in the evening. In addition to this form of training, a large amount of practical tasks, joint remote work of classmates, and close interaction with the curator are provided. By the end of the training, students will add 10 case studies, a published article and a content plan to their portfolio.

What is included in the program:

  • introduction to the profession – types and formats of text, content for a blog and a website, work with sources, editing, content for social networks, mailings, landing pages;
  • translated texts;
  • design for content, layout in Tilda, ReadyMag, Setka, illustrative design, build-editing;
  • editing in the media and brand media, the concept, format and monetization of the project, copyright and personal data legislation, business processes and editorial team management;
  • content planning for various platforms, native advertising, integrations and collaborations, analytics tools, the intricacies of digital editorial work.

Graduates receive support from the Netology Career Development Center – preparation of a resume, portfolio and cover letter, selection of vacancies from partners of the center, emotional mood for an interview.

Course “Editing and fact-checking” from TexTerra

Website –
Duration of training – 4 weeks.
Tuition fee – 16,000 rubles – self-study, 20,000 rubles. – with feedback from the teacher.

The author of the course is Daria Zavyalova – the executive editor of TexTerra. She maintains close contact with all the students of the program, carefully reviews homework and helps to correct mistakes.

What is included in the program:

  • principles of the editor’s work on artistic and commercial text, the creation of technical specifications, interaction with authors, edits;
  • formation of content and editorial policy;
  • fact-checking and responsibility for the publication of materials;
  • verification of scientific facts without the involvement of experts;
  • checking translated texts without knowing the language;
  • how to achieve a high-quality text without borrowing, feminitives and neologisms;
  • convenient services and checklists for editing.

Graduates of the course receive diplomas of completion of the program.

School of editors from Bureau Gorbunov

Website –
Duration of training – 10 months.
The cost of training is 46,000 rubles.

The leading teacher and training leader is Maxim Ilyakhov, the author of several books, including “Write, shorten”, “Clearly, understandably” and the founder of Glavred. The Gorbunov Bureau School of Editors is one of the best practice-oriented courses. Here, training is built from simple to complex in accordance with the chosen level. In addition, for the best students there is an opportunity to return the full tuition fees by participating in the Bureau’s competitions.

What is included in the program:

  • text and editing – information style, emotions, copyright and legal hygiene, professionalism of the editor;
  • layout and typography;
  • informativeness, usability, interface;
  • business communications and teamwork;
  • project management and achievement of planned results.

The program looks modest, but in fact, these are areas of study. In each block, listeners will find a huge number of practical tasks, practice skills using real examples, live webinars with teachers and editors from leading companies.

The best of the best will receive job offers during the training phase. The graduates who have scored the maximum scores are prepared for jobs in the publishing house MIF, the Gorbunov Bureau, Tinkoff, the Korzhenevsky Center and several commercial companies.

Online Editors Course from Hedu

Website –
Duration of training – 10 weeks.
Tuition fee – 2,950 rubles – without feedback, 26,000 rubles. with practice and feedback from the teacher.

The program format is pre-recorded webinars available weekly. In each lesson, the necessary theory and practical homework, after completing which you can proceed to the next lesson.

What is included in the program:

  • leading to the profession;
  • psychology of sales and the use of triggers in texts;
  • posting in social networks;
  • formation of an engaging and effective e-mail newsletter;
  • SEO-optimization of texts;
  • drawing up an attractive commercial offer;
  • creating text for the landing page;
  • rules for writing selling texts;
  • copyright;
  • search for customers and business communications.

This course is suitable for very novice writers who want a quick start in editing. In addition, training will help you understand whether you have chosen the right profession and whether you are ready to connect your life with it.

Course “Editing and preparation of materials for publication in the media” from the Infourok project

Website –
Duration of training – individually.
Tuition fee – 6 800 rubles – advanced training, 8 200 rubles. – professional retraining.

The Info-lesson portal is licensed by the Ministry of Education, therefore, graduates receive documents of the established form, accepted by employers on a par with university diplomas.

What is included in the program:

  • legal block;
  • Russian history;
  • professional ethics of a journalist;
  • theme and idea of ​​the text;
  • preparation of content for publication;
  • editing and release of finished materials;
  • script creation;
  • Russian language rules as amended;
  • editorial analysis techniques;
  • fact-checking.

In addition to the diploma, graduates will receive a certificate of compliance with the professional standard. Their data will be entered into the official Register of Competent Specialists.


Almost any course from our selection has the advantage that it teaches three professions at once – editing, copywriting and internet marketing. This significantly increases the opportunities for employment and gives in the hands of specialties for remote work as a universal specialist.


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