Do I need to take notes of lectures for a modern student

Not if it doesn’t help you memorize the material better. And it is vital if you are used to preparing using notes at school and better assimilate information when fixing key theses on paper.

We also refer to note taking notes in electronic form – on a laptop, computer, tablet. This is necessary if it helps you. And it is completely useless if you have a different way of thinking.

But what to do in lectures, what alternatives to choose for notes and how will the teachers react to this? Let’s figure it out.


1 Pros and cons of drawing up lecture notes

2 Do you need lecture notes

Pros and cons of drawing up lecture notes

All pros and cons are individual depending on the subject. The more theory, the more the material needs to be noted down.

Advantages of abstracts:

  • They use mechanical memory, help to memorize material during a lecture for students who find it difficult to catch logical connections while listening.
  • They help to fix exactly the material that the teacher gives; to place accents where he places them.
  • Provides concentration during the lecture – students are less likely to be distracted when taking notes.
  • They create a thesis base for further preparation – the easiest way to prepare for a test and an exam is based on correctly drawn up notes.
  • Demonstrate your responsibility and attentiveness – ensure the favor of teachers.

Cons of abstracts:

  • Frequent inability to catch logical connections, the desire to write down every word of the lecturer.
  • The lack of focus on the key points and on the content of the lecture in general is the activation of mechanical memory alone.
  • Strong loads, emotional stress when trying to outline large volumes of material.

It doesn’t matter how you take your notes. You can write them down or print them, but you cannot write dictation and try to record absolutely everything.

Learn to isolate key theses from the lecturer’s narration, look for logical connections between blocks of information, and grasp the most important thing. Otherwise, you will face negative aspects of the notes.

Do you need lecture notes

You decide for yourself. The best experiment is to take notes in one lecture and try to use only auditory memory and logical connections in another lesson. If it will be easier to prepare for lectures, then the choice is obvious. In general, there are very few students who really do not need note-taking. They have well-developed imaginative thinking, auditory and logical memory works well. For them, listening is more effective than fixing abstracts.

But the lion’s share of students needs abstracts, especially with the voluminous theoretical bases of each subject. First, they help to focus on learning and not be distracted during lectures. Secondly, with notes it is easier to prepare for tests and exams, since you already have all the basic theses. Thirdly, you record exactly the material that the teacher gives – he will ask him during the check. Conclusion: a well-written summary is the basis for successful passing of the session in the future



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