5 most popular ways to earn money online as a student

Do you know that? You want to go out for a nice meal, but your budget doesn’t allow it, so you just order again at the local pizzeria.

As a student you don’t have much to spend. That is sometimes very frustrating.

You are busy with your studies and do not have much time for a part-time job.

You then do not have the opportunity to do something or to buy something that you want.

What if I tell you this could be past?

Not a boring side job where you wish you were free before you even started, but a really good and more fun way to earn money via the internet.

An extra side job is then no longer necessary.

Are you curious how? You can read that in this article!

I too know it from my student days, the difficulties you have when you are a student. This is especially true if you live in a flat or rooms.

Although you learn how to deal with a tight budget, that situation is certainly not pleasant.

It is annoying when you would like to buy or do something for yourself, but you simply do not have the money for it.

I’ve also been in situations like this countless times. That was the reason for me to start looking at ways to earn money online.

I’ve tried several things, some with more success than others. In the end I found the best ways and I will share them with you below.

Now it’s time to take a look at what this article is all about. The 5 ways that I will explain below are both fun and effective and can save you a lot of pocket money.

So let’s get started soon!


The first way to earn money online as a student is through affiliate marketing. Do you want to generate most of your income passively? Then this is really something for you!


Before you start earning money with affiliate marketing, it is of course important to know what affiliate marketing exactly is.

That is easy to explain.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than promoting someone else’s products.

You therefore need little or no starting capital for this. You can also fill in the way in which you place promotion yourself.

The intention is that people will end up with the relevant product through the promotion you have placed.

Sometimes you already receive a commission for this, usually this also depends on whether the visitor also purchases the product.

When you do it the right way, you can earn a nice extra income every month with affiliate marketing.


It’s relatively easy to get started with affiliate marketing . You start by coming up with a plan.

For example, think about what products you want to promote and how. A common way to do this is to promote through a website.

Then you have to set up the platform. Think, for example, of registering a domain name and arranging web hosting.

After this you can start looking for an affiliate network for which you can promote products. A popular network is bol.com . This applies to every product in the webshop.

Finally, you can continue to build the platform and place the content in which you promote the product.

Below you can see the step-by-step plan that explains how affiliate marketing works. You can find much more information in this article: making money with affiliate marketing .


Affiliate marketing can offer you many advantages as a student. Curious about which ones they are? You can read that below.


To start with affiliate marketing you need little knowledge and starting capital. Ideal if you as a student don’t have a lot to spend.

If you first want to gain some knowledge, you always have the option of taking a course.


Another big advantage is that you don’t have to talk to customers. This is simply arranged by the company for which you promote the products. You are completely separate from this.


This benefit is also very tasty for you as a student. Affiliate marketing gives you a great deal of freedom. You can decide for yourself how, when and with what content you want to promote the products.

Read even more about the advantages of affiliate marketing compared to other online revenue models.


Affiliate marketing is a really fun way to earn money online as a student.

It is my favorite way to make money on the internet. That’s why I mention it first.

I earn a nice amount of money every month. For example, see below my earnings from one particular affiliate network for a period of approximately one month:

The nice thing is that this is a passive income and such amounts come in every month. All I have to do is scale up my affiliate business to earn even more.

The fastest way to become successful with affiliate marketing is to follow a good course in which you get a proven step-by-step plan with good guidance from the trainer and support from a community to implement that step-by-step plan yourself.

I recommend the Affiliate Marketing Revolution by Jacko Meijaard or the Affiliate Marketing Domination by Robert Jansen.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can start by watching Robert Jansen ‘s free video explaining how affiliate marketing works and how he earns 10K per month from it.


We have then arrived at the second way to earn money online as a student. This way is somewhat related to the first way affiliate marketing, but it is very different.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular, and when you approach it in the right way, it is a great revenue model for a student. All you need is a platform to post your blogs.


Blogging is quite simple. In principle, anyone can get started with this. Writing a blog usually does not take a lot of time for a student.

You can just do it in an hour, or when you’re bored during class.

You can fill in a blog yourself in terms of angle and you can choose how personal you make it. In principle, you could think of a blog as a personal diary on a website that appears regularly.


You may think to yourself that this way sounds really easy so far. But how do you earn money with this?

That’s very simple. You can use AdSense . That way, relevant ads are displayed on your blogs . You can then withdraw money from this.

You can also make the link with the first way: affiliate marketing. In your blogs you can also choose to promote a product from a certain affiliate program.

You place these blogs on your website and then you earn money through the affiliate links that you process in the text.

You can of course also promote your own products in your blogs, if you have them. Blogging is a proven effective way of promoting and you can take advantage of this by promoting your own products.

So you see that blogging can be very effective when it comes to making money. There are several cash flows coming in.

This is the income from AdSense and the income from any affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

More info in this article: make money blogging .


Does it appeal to you to earn money with your own blog, but are you looking for a clear step-by-step plan?

Then I advise you to view the online course From Blog To Business by Mick van Zadehoff. Mick is the man behind the very popular blog De Moderne Nomaden .

In this online training you will receive all the knowledge he has gained in recent years and you will be personally guided to achieve success.

This online course shows how to set up your own blog, how to get thousands of visitors per month and which revenue models you can use to earn a passive income with your blog.

I recommend that you watch Mick’s free webinar first or sign up for his mini course .


While the first two ways are great options, the third way isn’t inferior at all.

Dropshipping is the third way to earn money online as a student. It is also becoming increasingly popular and provides a nice pocket money for many students.


The term may sound familiar, but chances are you’re not quite sure what it is exactly. That’s okay, so I will now explain this third way to earn money online as a student.

For this way you need an online store. When you then use dropshipping, a customer orders a product in your webshop.

You then order this product from the supplier and they send it to the customer.

In principle, dropshipping is selling a product on your web store that you do not have in stock yourself. This way you save the costs of investments.


This way may seem a bit complicated to you. That may be true, as dropshipping generally takes a bit more time when it comes to getting things sorted than the aforementioned ways.

While this is the case, dropshipping can offer you great benefits. I will explain these for you below.


The big advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to have anything in stock yourself. You order the products from the supplier and you let them get the product to the customer.

So you do n’t need any storage space at all.


Because you do not have to buy in, you do not run the risk of making an investment that you will not earn back.

You only have to pay something when a customer orders a product in your webshop. You pay for the purchase price, order processing and shipping. Your selling price then consists of this amount plus your profit margin.


Although you are running some kind of business, there is no need to hire staff.

You can easily perform all the necessary actions for dropshipping yourself. Because the process of getting the product to the customer runs through the supplier, you do not need staff for packing work, for example.


It is also very easy to expand your offer with dropshipping. You don’t have to have it in stock anyway.

This means that in principle you can offer as many products as you want. You are also not bothered by products that are left lying around because they are not sold.


If you want to learn more about dropshipping, Joshua Kaats is the place to be. This is the best known and most successful dropshipper in the Netherlands and Belgium.

You can learn everything from him through his online course the Dropship Academy . He also has a free webinar and free ebook in which he explains his strategies.


We have already arrived at the fourth way to earn money online as a student, namely online investing.

Perhaps this way of earning money online is the best known so far. However, not everyone knows exactly what it means. Reason enough to explain it anyway.


Online investing is actually very simple. This may not be the most popular way for a student, as it does require some initial capital. However, you can start small and achieve a considerable return in the long term.

Online investing is nothing more than buying or selling investment products over the internet.

The choice here is huge. In addition, it is also very simple, as you can trade stocks or currencies within just a few mouse clicks.


Online investing is not for everyone. It may require quite a bit of knowledge.

It is important that you can discover trends, so that you give yourself the opportunity to buy low and sell high. This way you maximize your income.


You can try to acquire the necessary knowledge yourself. However, this is not recommended, because many mistakes will probably be made that could have been prevented.

If you want to figure everything out yourself, you will pay more tuition.

That is why I recommend taking a good online course about online investing so that you can get the most out of it.

The best online course on online investing that I know is Harm van Wijk ‘s Trading Navigator Method .

Do you already want to taste a foretaste? Be sure to watch Harm’s free webinar on investing or download his free guide to successful investing in stocks .


cryptocurrencies. Who hasn’t heard of it in recent years?

The enormous rise of cryptocurrencies has been in the news again and again. No surprise, because it has enormous potential.

When you get it all a little bit, you can even get rich with it. Even if you put less money into it, you can already earn a nice pocket money.

Cryptocurrencies are therefore the fifth and final way to earn money online as a student that we are going to cover in this article.


Cryptocurrencies can be seen as an online payment method. The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

The expectation is that in the long term cryptocurrencies may even take over the currency as we know it today.

That means that you may soon be paying with Bitcoin, instead of the euro. Due to this enormous potential, it is therefore no surprise that when you invest in a crypto coin, you can get a lot of money from it.


As you know by now, it is quite possible to earn a lot of money with crypto coins .

This is because the market is very flexible. One time there can be a price increase of as much as 100%, the other time there is a significant decrease. This means that this method is not without risk.

If you want a safer option, one of the first four ways mentioned is a better choice. It is only true that you can ultimately earn the most with this option.

For example, you can day trade with cryptocurrencies. You buy and sell a lot of crypto coins in one day. This has the goal of taking a little price gain every day.

Day trading just takes more time. This is because you will spend a long time analyzing many different cryptocurrencies.


I have always found the crypto world very intriguing, but I hesitated for a long time to invest in it myself.

You occasionally hear stories that brokers are hacked or that you are being scammed.

That is why I first followed the online Crypto Masterclass course by Patrick Suiker and Derek Westra. These are the men behind AllesOverCrypto.nl and their mantra is: “Learn first and then invest”.

Thanks to their course, I have gathered the necessary knowledge to invest in crypto coins in a safe way.

I’ve been working on it for quite some time now and I’ve earned a nice extra sum of money with it. It remains a very nice way to earn extra money as a student. I find the whole crypto market very intriguing, and even slightly addictive.


A student’s life is not always a bed of roses. Often you are short of money to do something fun or to buy something you want.

To solve this, in this article I looked at the 5 best ways to make money online as a student.

It is understandable that you as a student do not have a lot of time to spare. This is also taken into account in these 5 ways.

So if you want to get started with earning money online as a student, then definitely try one of these options! Then you will soon be able to do those fun things and buy the things you want.

Besides affiliate marketing, blogging, dropshipping, online investing and cryptocurrencies, there are many other ways to make money on the internet.

I have a very extensive article on my blog about the different ways to earn money online .

Be sure to read it if you want to get to know even more options and get started with the way that appeals to you the most!


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