Top 10 AI Video Makers

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) today allows us to create images from text , and tools like ChatGPT and its many alternatives are revolutionizing the Internet for their ability to write texts from simple commands or instructions .

So, if Artificial Intelligence is capable of generating images and writing elaborate texts, can we also generate videos through AI? Indeed. Currently there are several applications designed to automatically create videos from text, and that is precisely what we will see today.

Top 10 AI Apps to Generate Videos from Text

After analyzing the various AI video generators on the market in 2023, we can classify these types of tools into 3 groups:

  • Video generators that display an AI avatar or “announcer” reading user-provided text . Very useful for creating news videos from articles, or for marketing tasks.
  • Video generators that display stock videos with a narrator voicein the background. Speech is generated from user-supplied text and videos are pulled from the app’s media library.
  • Video generators that display unique content created by an AI from the textprovided by the user.

These last type of tools are the most experimental right now, and there aren’t many right now, beyond Modelscope and some others. We have, for example, the Make-A-Video application developed by Meta, although it is not yet accessible for testing. However, there are many other tools to generate videos from text that are already commercially available, with quite interesting and practical results.

Runway Gen-1

Runway Research are the creators of the famous Stable Diffusion image generator , and with Gen-1 (the Gen-2 version is already under development) they have managed to create a generative tool capable of creating videos from text, but also from other images or videos . Highly recommended for artistic and creative purposes.

The tool has a ton of effects, templates, and styles that we can use to model our creations. It is not easy to use, but if we spend time with it, we can get amazing videos. The free version of Runway Gen-1 offers 125 credits, 3 video projects, 5GB of assets and 720p HD resolutions. The premium version is available starting at $12/month.

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Lumen5 is a great tool to turn written articles on your website or blog into a beautiful video . The app allows you to create professional-looking videos from scratch or edit existing videos with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Its ease of use allows you to drag elements such as text, images and video to create the final product. If we let the AI ​​do all the work, we can also just enter a URL and let the program do the rest.

The free version of Lumen5 allows you to create HD videos at 720p with watermark. The basic version is available starting at $29/month.

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Synthesia is another interesting AI video generator that allows us to create videos presented by hyper-realistic avatars generated by Artificial Intelligence . The application has 90 predefined avatars, although we can create our own avatar if we don’t find one that convinces us. On top of that, the avatars can speak in more than 60 languages, including Spanish with different accents.

It currently has about twenty different voices in Spanish, and although it can still be improved (they sound a bit robotic at times) the results are quite acceptable. The videos look very professional (we can add images, animated backgrounds, etc.), and today they are used by brands like Google, Nike, Reuters, and the BBC. The basic subscription to Synthesia is priced at 26 euros per month.

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Instead of using the typical videos and stock images, this interesting Artificial Intelligence allows you to create video animations from a script, a blog article or an audio track . Combined with other tools like ChatGPT it can help you create some pretty elaborate videos in a matter of minutes.

An interesting detail is that has voices in Spanish , so we can use a narrator to speak and thus get a more entertaining video. The free version of allows you to create 3 videos per month (with watermark and 720p resolution). If we want to use the full version, we would have to opt for the basic plan, available from $15 per month.


An application similar to Synthesia, with which you can create videos presented by an Artificial Intelligence or avatar capable of speaking in 60 languages. Elai does not have so many avatar models with Synthesia, but in its favor it must be said that it has a very complete and very easy-to-use interface, with interesting functions that allow you to create videos from a URL or post on your website. All this narrated by your hyperrealistic avatar .

The tool is geared toward creating videos for learning courses, news media, and marketing, but the uses are nearly endless. The basic subscription plan costs $23 per month, though it does offer a one-minute free trial.



InVideo is another web application with which we can generate complete videos from text. All we have to do is add the item, select a template from the many available, and let the AI ​​do the rest. The result is a video that is already assembled, and we will only have to correct some details such as font size or style.

The good thing about InVideo is that we can use it completely free of charge (with a watermark, yes), with access to its more than 6,000 templates, 40-minute videos, a library with more than 3 million assets, and translation. automatic text to speech. Premium versions of the app are available starting at $15/month.

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DeepBrain AI

Deepbrain is another of the best-known text-based video generators in the industry, thanks to its hyper-realistic avatars, which present a quality well above average. It is also integrated with ChatGPT, which makes scripting a lot easier.

The most basic subscription to DeepBrain AI is priced at $30 per month, and allows us to create 10 minutes of video and 6 scenes per video, with more than 100 avatars available in 80 languages ​​and without a watermark.

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One of the most popular web applications for creating videos from a script or written text. It doesn’t require video editing skills , making it highly accessible. Simply upload the article and Pictory will take care of turning it into a short, digestible video to share on social media, using stock video and narrator voice.

It also allows you to easily edit videos with text, add subtitles automatically, and make summaries of longer videos. Pictory has a free trial plan that allows us to create 3 videos of up to 10 minutes. The standard version requires a subscription starting at $19/month.

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An ideal application for those who do not know how to edit videos or cannot dedicate much time to it. Simply add the existing text of an article or the URL of your website , and CliaCloud will take care of turning it into a professional-looking video.

The application has hundreds of templates, and allows you to make adjustments to obtain the best possible result before exporting the video and uploading it to our website or social networks. The only downside for Spanish speakers is that for now it is only available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

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Synths Video

Synths Video is a web application in the same vein as Syhtesia, or DeepBrain. In other words, it is a tool with which you can convert your text articles into YouTube videos presented by an avatar. It has more than 40 avatars to choose from, more than 40 languages ​​and the whole process is automated so you have to do as little work as possible (they even upload the video to YouTube for you).

The big drawback of Synths Video, and the main reason why it is not higher on the list, is because of its high price. The subscription currently costs $399 per month.

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