Tofu or tofu . It is a cheese made with soy- based vegetable protein that is widely used thanks to the high content of Calcium and the great contribution of protein.


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In the 9th century BC, this food began to be used, highly desired by those who like healthy and low- calorie foods . It was in ancient China , where it was used because dairy products were not considered in the rural diet. Later it expanded, along the eastern coast of Asia . Japan was one of the forerunner countries to publicize its inner goodness worldwide.


It is made from the milk of soy , without liquid. Food that in essence does not have a very prominent flavor, therefore, generally, it is mixed with other foods. The grace of it is in the fact that it absorbs the flavors of the other groceries very well. Hence, when mixed with other flavors, it becomes something fabulous.

As for the consistency, the same thing happens, as with the various dairy products. One can find it in a soft consistency, even a fairly hard one. Very close to what conventional cheeses are. As for the nutritional contribution, it is rich in vitamins , protein and minerals .

As for the most typical preparations, there is the possibility of frying it and accompanying it with noodles and sautéed vegetables. It can also be prepared as an aperitif, adding soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds . Which then can be spread on crackers .


  • For millions of people it is the main source of dietary protein, and they consume it daily, very rich in vegetable protein and with 10 essential amino acids in sufficient quantities.
  • It is a softer and more digestive food than foods rich in proteins such as meat , eggs or milk , etc.
  • It is low in calories.
  • No cholesterol and also helps reduce the levels of this in blood .
  • Contains plenty of lecithin (good for cholesterol and memory)
  • It has more calcium and minerals than meat (a 225 g piece. Provides 38% of the recommended daily calcium)
  • Without antibiotic , hormone and other components used in fattening cattle.
  • No preservatives, no dyes or chemicals.
  • Recommended for Menopause due to its Calcium content and the regulating effect of estrogens since it is rich in ISO flavones.

With tofu you can make the same dishes that we would do with meat, you can:

Fry, batter, bread, stew, grilled, as a meatball and croquette base , in soup, mayonnaise , bechamel , in desserts, sweet preparations, etc.

Nutritional information

  • 15% Protein.
  • 8% Fat.
  • 1% H. Carbon.
  • 136/570 K Calcium

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