Tips to Take Children to the Garden for the First Time

The first time in the garden is a fear for both children and parents, it is an uncertainty to know if the child will accept the change and how the parents will face this detachment from their child.

It is estimated that between 3 years and 4 years children must already attend the garden, this is very important because children must learn to socialize with both new children and teachers. Experts say that it is not the same as a child playing with children his age than playing with adults.

Children need more spaces for socialization, at that age they should stop being exclusively at home, their parents, their siblings or their grandparents.

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Tips for the First time in the Garden

  1. It is important that both the child and parents see that this routine change is positive, and that is, going to the garden will allow the child to advance in their social development and will also have more activity.
  2. It is essential that parents take the situation with ease, it is a step that all children should take; In this way the child will feel calm and natural with this change. If the child sees the parents insecure or distrustful, the child will feel the same.
  3. It is important to indicate to the child everything good that comes, for example, that he is going to release a suitcase, colors, notebooks, he will meet new children, he will be able to play, etc.
  4. You must also explain where you are going, what is done in a garden, take it to know, at least the facade, hopefully also the classroom, so you will be familiar the first time in the garden.
  5. In advance they should start preparing the child for the new routine, so that it fits into the new schedule, in this way you should go to bed earlier so that you can get up early without a problem, get used to breakfast early, etc.
  6. Calculate very well the weather in the morning, so as not to be in cares and so that the day to day does not turn into torture. Ideally, the child loves to go to the garden and everything that implies.
  7. The farewell of the first day in the garden should be quick, not having much significance or drama so that the child does not feel nervous.
  8. When a child cries it is normal until the first weeks, at least 2 or 3, if after that time your little one keeps crying when you leave him in the garden; You should talk to the teachers to learn about your child’s behavior the rest of the day and find a new adaptation strategy.
  9. Parents should be very attentive to what their children tell them, they should ask how they feel; so they will feel comfortable and calm to express their feelings; It is important to emotionally educate children.
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