Tips to lose your fear of driving

Have you heard of amaxophobia? Yes, a strange name, but it is something more and more common in the relationship between people and cars: the fear of driving or being in a vehicle.

Fear of driving has the highest rate within amaxophobia . This fear of driving may have been developed by numerous causes, among which are:

  • Having had an experience in an adverse situation, such as a fright due to the appearance of an animal in the middle of the track;
  • Difficulty in seeing due to a strong storm;
  • Have witnessed or even crashed the car;
  • Having participated in traffic confusions;
  • Having had moments of panic in congestion;
  • Always be listening to reports of traffic accidents and the main one: having a negative saboteur thinking about driving cars.

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All these causes that affect the fear of driving can be dealt with positively when the person who has amaxophobia decides to seek help and also decides to help themselves in overcoming this problem.

Losing your fear of driving does not happen overnight, as it is a process that requires patience, insistence, determination and support from family, friends and specialists in the field.

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In order to facilitate your understanding of how to lose your fear of driving, we have created some tips for you to follow them and thus try to get rid of this destructive feeling. Check out:


There is no point in crossing your arms just because you have acquired the fear of driving. In fact, you need to overcome this fear, but it takes conviction to do so.

This conviction is to be aware that fear cannot be greater than your ability to overcome it.

It doesn’t matter if you have tried, wavered and made mistakes countless times: keep persisting! You can only overcome any challenge in your life if you don’t give up on moving forward.

Share your fear

We are not talking about passing on the fear to the other in order to make the same fearful as well. Rather, you must let off steam about your fears, since when we report what bothers us it loses strength within us.

Tell your trusted friends and close family members about your difficulty in driving. Each in his own way will have a word to guide you and you will be able to evaluate what you believe may or may not be useful to overcome this fear.

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Simply exposing this feeling will make you feel better. So, nothing to keep secret about it. It will only make that fear gain a greater proportion within you.

In addition, if the people closest to you are unaware of this phobia, they will not be able to help you and, who knows, they may even put you in situations that increase this fear even more.

Be in charge of your thoughts

If there is one thing that usually wants to control our lives a lot, it is our own thoughts. We must not allow ourselves to be guided by thoughts of negative origin, saboteurs and destroyers.

Those who are afraid to drive usually let themselves be carried away by thoughts like:

  • “I’m going to crash the car”;
  • “I will lose control and the car will go to the other side of the track”;
  • “I will be stuck in traffic and once again I will be sick with no one to help me”;
  • “I will not be able to drive this car properly and I will be ashamed in front of everyone on the street”.

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Thoughts like that are extremely common in the minds of those who are afraid to drive. And guided by this type of thinking they end up letting them be controlled by them and, therefore, give up trying to drive a vehicle again.

Stay in charge of your thoughts. Ignore negative thoughts and always focus on the idea that you will be able to drive, there will be no accidents and you will be able to put into practice everything you learned in driving school, because if you did not know how to drive, they would never have approved you. So put that fear aside now! Trust yourself, your potential and let good thoughts guide you.

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Focus on the good points

It is certain that you must have your reasons for having this fear of driving. We must not ignore this fear, nor the reasons why you are frightened. But it is necessary to strive to focus on the positive points in being able to drive again. Are they:

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  • To be able to come and go without depending on third parties to help you get around;
  • Greater freedom to resolve daily pending issues;
  • Being able to travel, go for a walk and take a drive when you feel like it,
  • Greater autonomy over yourself and your feelings;
  • Increases the possibility of entering a public or private position that requires qualification,
  • Overcoming because you have left something that worries you and so you can feel victorious and set an example for others who may also be afraid to drive.

Seek professional support

If deemed necessary, seek out experts in the field who can address this fear of driving. You can try to do psychotherapy sessions or even look for some habilitation schools that have trained professionals to deal with the issue of amaxophobia.

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These professionals will guide your thoughts so that they are analyzed in a positive way and lead you to overcome this fear. In some driving schools it is already possible to have psychologists available for sessions before, during and after classes in traffic. In this way they will be able to experience directly with you the reasons why you fear and will be facilitators in the process of encouraging and releasing this phobia.

Here’s the tip:

Don’t be ashamed of being afraid to drive. It is just another fear in the face of the numerous types of phobias that exist. It is normal for human beings to be afraid of something. However, if this in any way damages your life it is interesting that you seek help as soon as possible.

Follow our tips and decide to start this year overcoming everything that afflicts you. You will soon be witnessing how liberating it is to be able to overcome your greatest obstacles and fears.

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