Learn how to make your husband forget his lover

If there is something that is extremely painful in this life, it is going through a betrayal. At the time of discovery, the world seems to be meaningless and you lose ground. You cry, shut up, get sad, but you also reflect a lot.

Try to seek answers to your questions and seek emotional control that usually disappears at a stage like this.

Reflecting, many times, you end up finding the following alert inside you: I still love him and I want to stay with him!

So you decide to go back and try to rekindle your love. But something still upsets you: what about the other one? How to make him forget his lover?

Resuming a marriage where there was betrayal is not easy, but if you forgave and were mature, determined and courageous to overcome everything and decide to fight for what is yours, congratulations! Now look forward and seek to trace a new story for you.

As for the lover, we have separated some tips for you to follow that may help you to make your husband forget her as soon as possible and never want to go wrong with you again:

Change yourself:

First thing you must understand is that: nobody changes anyone! We need to be the change we want to see in the world and in people.

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You know that saying that “it is by giving that one receives”, because well, we often have to offer to the other what we would like to receive. Therefore, give affection to your spouse, give attention, give him time and you will surely be rewarded.

Forgive for real:

Forgiving is divine, it ennobles the heart of those who grant forgiveness, but it gives profound relief to the person forgiven. Forgive, but do it for real, without remorse.

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Try to put a stone on the subject. We know it is difficult, but try as much as you can to not talk about it any more, nor mention names, nor make threats of revenge or keep reminding him all the time that he made a mistake.

When he feels truly forgiven, he will be grateful to you and, sorry, will do everything in his power to return that vote of confidence.

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Take more care:

We are not implying that it was for lack of personal care that your husband ended up cheating on you. By giving you a tip to take care of yourself more, we are wanting to propose to you the search for the recovery of your self-esteem, since it is very common for women injured by a betrayal to feel inferior and stop loving and caring. So raise your head now, love yourself, get up, produce yourself, dress well and look beautiful!

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First for you and then for your husband, since we know that men are extremely visual and in doing so you will be able to hold his attention on you, not giving gaps so that he has eyes for other women

Use the power of positive words:

We all know that the words we utter have the power to emanate good or bad things into our lives. So, there is no point in having negative thoughts now or saying that there is no way, that it will not work, that he will make mistakes again or things like that.

Use your mouth to bring positivity to your life and your relationship. You can do this through:

  • Praise:

As much as at first you are still hurt by the betrayal, if you decided to give your husband a new chance, it is because for sure you still have reason to admire him in some way. So, praise him!

I know that this task may seem difficult at first, but the truth is that many relationships end up with a lack of recognition, praise, gratitude and good words to your spouse. The husband is yours and you need to praise him, emphasize his qualities. In the same way that he must also do that to you, of course. But if the intention is to give tips for him to forget his lover, start by reviewing how you have been directing your words to him.

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  • Be grateful:

As mentioned above, it is extremely worthwhile to be thankful. But then can a question arise in your mind? Thank what?

The hurt can still be present in you, but if you want him to forget the other, be there in a pleasant way, which gives pleasure to be on your side. And if there is something that is very pleasing to anyone, it is gratitude.

Whether for helping with the children, for getting something in the house, for buying something for your family, it doesn’t matter, just be grateful and available to not only deal with the harshness that comes from the pain, but with the sweetness of a heart that knows how to forgive.

  • Say I love you:

At first this task can be complicated, because it is still hurt, but it is necessary that your husband feels loved by you, so that he has in mind the certainty that he made the right choice in wanting to insist on your relationship

Invest in the relationship:

It is very important that the couple strengthen the affective bonds after a betrayal. So don’t waste time and invest in your relationship now. Go for a walk without the kids, watch a movie together, listen to a theme song from you, prepare him a dessert that you like. Anyway, do not save time to invest in your greatest asset, which is your marriage and your family.

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Exercise your faith:

For everything to work out it is necessary that you, before anyone else, believe that your marriage has a solution! Have faith and believe that everything will work out.

Optimism, positivity and faith are essential to the successful restoration of your marriage. Believe in the power of love.

Anyway, if you decided to turn it around and want to resume your marriage happily and free of traces of the past, it is worth it to try and do your part.

Don’t blame yourself or take all the responsibility for saving your marriage on your own. Marriage is partnership and whether it works or not, both have responsibilities.

Take a deep breath, control your insecurity and trust that everything will work out. The pain of betrayal is inevitable, but staying in pain is a matter of choice: choose to be happy and fight for your marriage if that is your will.

Acting on our tips, you will see your husband more interested in you and the relationship and you. It is worth fighting for marriage, it is worth fighting for love!


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