Tips for feeling beautiful after menopause

During and after menopause, everything changes. And it is in the hand of every woman who is always for the best. A new stage of fulfillment begins with as much energy as any other in life. It is true that so many hormones, collagen, and elastin are no longer produced … that muscle mass is lost and fat is increased … But now it is not about rejuvenating but about continuing to like yourself adapting to all the changes that they arrive around this time.

The skin and hair are the first to suffer the modifications that are taking place in the body. And they are also the most visible areas. Like the face. “With menopause, facial fat decreases, which leads to more flaccidity for the facial skin and the formation of wrinkles, commissure and oval that lose their definition and deepen,” explains Dr. Nuria Escoda, expert in Aesthetic Medicine and speaker at the II Women and Menopause Forum that closes today in Barcelona on the occasion of World Menopause Day.

The doctor explains that the expression on the face also undergoes changes: it takes on a more tired, sad and dark appearance. “The decrease in collagen and facial fat especially affects the lip area, appearing the perioral lines or barcode,” added the expert.

It’s not about looking younger, “but about feeling beautiful at any age, about liking yourself and looking good,” Escoda says. Treating wrinkles that appear naturally makes us look better, it allows us to enjoy this stage with all our energy ».

So you will feel better

These are the tips that Dr. Escoda encourages women to feel beautiful and happy during and after menopause:

  1. Soriale to life and begin to see life from an optimistic and positive point of view.
  2. Dress, comb, and makeup to like yourself.
  3. Bring hydrated skin to feel comfortable and relaxed, applying the cream that is most suitable for your skin.
  4. Eat with love and respect for your body, this way you will see much more beautiful skin and your slimmer body.
  5. Wash and care for your hair with products appropriate to your hair type.
  6. Get excited about a project: start taking care of your face to soften the passage of time, renew your wardrobe, get in shape, study what you like, start a small business … Always with enthusiasm and dedication.
  7. Establish good hygiene habits: hydrate the skin of the face and body well, visit the ophthalmologist and dentist regularly, have annual medical check-ups.
  8. A balanced diet and exercise are essential for a healthy life and to stay beautiful and wonderful for many years.


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