Lies and myths about lice

In a few days the schools will be filled with children again, and with them the dreaded lice will return to the classrooms. Pediculosis is a very common pathology among children, and more so after returning from vacation since they have been sharing towels, hair bands, caps, etc … with other children and this favors contagion. According to the Ministry of Health , between 4.9% and 14% of school-age children have ever suffered from this problem. In addition, according to estimates by Head Cleanners , a Spanish pioneering company in the eradication of lice, one in five children will have lice throughout this course.

Despite the fact that it is a very common pathology, the numerous myths and false beliefs about pediculosis make its prevention and treatment very difficult, especially at this time I return to the classroom. According to Dr. Aurora Garre , medical adviser to «Laboratorios Cinfa», there are some myths about these insects that increase the risk of contagion:

  1. Lice go dirty. This is one of the main errors that is related to the appearance of these insects. For years it has been thought that having lice was a symptom of poor hygiene, but it is not so; in fact, these insects prefer clean hair. Taking this aspect into account is very important at school time because many parents “hide” that their children have lice due to embarrassment and this makes it quicker and easier to spread the risk among other children.
  2. Wash the child’s hair to prevent. The correct use of pediculicide products is very important. Many parents use these treatments even if their children do not have lice. Products against lice should be used only in case of infestationbecause otherwise it could end up generating resistance.
  3. Lice fly and jump from head to head. This is a wrong thought. The contagion occurs by sharing combs, hair bands, hats, and any article of clothing in which these insects can be deposited. “Contrary to popular belief, lice do not fly or jump from one head to another, but cling to the hair and move quickly from one infested head to another healthy head,” explains the doctor. To get rid of them, it is also not useful to cut your hair or wash it repeatedly. The correct way to eliminate lice is to use the appropriate products and brush the hair with a comb -preferably with damp hair since lice in this environment move more slowly-


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