Tilburi . Two-wheeled, two-seat carriage that can have a hood, although it usually does not. The suspension system consists of rods that are joined from behind by a crossbar and with the box by two springs normal to those of the axle, joined together by two twin pieces. It has leather fenders. It has large diameter wheels.


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This carriage is named after its inventor, the English coachbuilder James Tilbury


It is a carriage with two large wheels, generally without cover, light in weight and with capacity for two people, drawn by a single cavalry and with leather or wood fenders . It is open on the sides and without doors. Its suspension system makes it floating, which gives it greater comfort for its more frequent use, which was mainly traveling on roads.


  • Tílburi of telegraphs. Model which assembly consists of two springs of shaft holding the, but the box carries front two small springs attached to the rods of two twin parts and, in the back, two springs suspended belt and two handles at the ends of another transverse spring, supported in its center by three uprights, of which the central one is vertical, and the others inclined and symmetrical and fixed in the arch that joins the poles. The seat is a backrest or gallery. It has a shell with fenders and a canopy bed.
  • Tílburi with hood; that provides a cover for greater privacy and protection of passengers against rain and the glare of a sunny day. The box is attached to the rods by square irons. The frame is made up of two axle springs, both joined to the rods by arms in the shape of a swan neck and with ball rings and connected to them by a joint and a twin.
  • Dutch Tílburi, which for its decoration is used to attend social events; It has a box with balusters.
  • Tílburi with door. Tílburi made with a kind of leather door in the front that closes in two leaves up to the height of the knees to protect the legs from the cold and that has the hinges next to the sides, next to the fender. The door is mounted on four S-shaped wooden tritons.
  • American Tílburi, which has two large wheels and an adjustable seat.


It has large diameter wheels, so that the box seems to be embedded in them, and this, together with the low weight of the carriage, makes it not very stable and easy to tip over.


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