Tibetan tea

Tibetan tea is the one that is taken by the Tibetan communities ancestral, characterized by being yak butter (that woolly bovine that is also used to transport loads) with salt and mixed with both green and black tea. For its natives it is a symbol of hospitality, a sacred offering and a meal in itself for the caloric intake in an area that can be climatologically so cold.

Tibet, being an Asian region and immersed in the Himalayas , is by decantation an area very affected by tea. Of course they have their own customs there. For example, drinking a tea called Po Cha that contains milk and butter and also have their rules of protocol. Learn a little more about the tea culture in Tibet, an area full of mountains, oxen and cold.


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  • 2 Composition and properties of Tibetan slimming tea
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Tibetan tea for weight loss

Tibetan tea for weight loss, according to its marketers, is a secret formula of Tibetan herbs combined according to their ancient wisdom. However, it has many hints that it may be a modern creation, probably western, whose origin is not very clear, so we think that it is possibly a marketing strategy.

Commercial Tibetan tea is a compound of several plants with fat-burning, laxative and diuretic properties and also, according to some brands, with some secret ingredient and each producer varies the herbs that make it up.

Composition and properties of Tibetan slimming tea

The compound of plants used, according to their marketers, are of Tibetan origin and are as follows:

  • Green tea: It is the fat-burning element and accelerator of the metabolism of this formula, it is also a diuretic and laxative.
  • Laurel: It is another mild diuretic and a good digestive plant that relieves stomach discomfort.
  • Rosehip: Diuretic and astringent, which prevents urgent stools.
  • Tila: With sedative and antispasmodic properties, avoids cramps or sudden laxative actions.
  • Peppermint Pennyroyal: Palliates stomach bloating from excess gas and aids digestion.
  • / Luisa Herb: With palliative properties for aerophagia and flatulence.

Tibetan slimming tea effects

Tibetan tea for weight loss is made up of a mixture of herbs that mostly produce more slimming effect than real weight loss, because being diuretic it loses liquid, therefore also volume by facilitating digestion, intestinal transit, evacuation and elimination of gases, which helps to lose volume in the stomach. But none of this really loses weight, except green tea , but when mixed with the rest of the herbs, its quantity and effect is less. == Contraindications of Tibetan slimming tea ==

It should be noted that the regular use of laxatives, even being natural, in the medium term can encourage constipation and produce dependence on these products to be able to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, Tibetan tea for weight loss is contraindicated for pregnant women and hypotensive people for its diuretic properties.


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