What To Think During A Tennis Match

If you are wondering what to think during a tennis match this is the right article for you that can help you finally understand how to train your mind and emotional management on the court to finally be able to beat your historic rival in the club.

Tennis is a 70% mental game

Guys, there is very little to do.
Tennis is a 70% mastered game of our mind.
And do you want to know what all this means?
It means that 70% of the mind is in control of our tennis and our performance.
Forgive me for the pun, but you need to know that’s just how it works.

What is the quality of your thoughts during a game?

To understand the quality of your thoughts and finally find out what to think during a tennis match, I propose a game….

Imagine you have a speedometer that measures your thoughts per minute called PPM (Thoughts Per Minute). Yes, just like in your shots there is the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) measure which indicates the amount of top spin impressed on the ball.

Now, imagine that this speedometer we called PPM consists of a scale of values ​​like this:

* 0-50 PPM: Deep inner stillness and wonderful sensations
* 50-100 PPM: Good psycho-physical health and good sensations
* 100 -200 PPM: Onset of overload and mental stress
* 200-300 PPM: Loss of control and constant stress
* Over 300 PPM: Mental Burnout and extreme stress

Tell me, at this point….

At what level of the ladder would you place yourself?

After having done this test on hundreds and hundreds of fans, I can assure you that the average of the tennis players to whom I subjected the survey was between 100-200 PPM and 200-300 PPM and, this means that most of the ‘ respondents’ play tennis with a boulder on top of their head which causes them a continuous and increasing mental stress.

The cause of mental stress in tennis

You must know that tennis is the second mental sport par excellence among all those invented.
The contact time with the ball is only around 20% of the total time.
Only golf beats ‘our’ sport with a contact time of 1%.

Do you want to know what all this means?

It means that if 20% of the total time spent in a game we spend playing, the remaining 80% we spend with our thoughts.

Yep, it’s amazing how given, right?

80% of the time that many define as ‘lost time’ in recovering energy, between a change of field and another, between one point and another, we actually spend thinking, thinking and thinking again.

But is it really ‘wasted time’?

My experience as a player first and then as a manager can attest that it is precisely that 80% of time spent without hitting the ball that determines victory or defeat in the game.

In fact, it is precisely when the ball is not in play that thoughts take up space in your mind.

And in those moments you start thinking about everything, from what happened in the past point to what you will eat after the match to work problems….

A real whirlwind of thoughts are unleashed within the mind and allow you to trigger a series of chain reactions.

You call them if you want emotions

To quote the famous song by Lucio Battisti, every thought created in our mind generates an emotional state associated with that thought.

And it is in the midst of this emotional state that you need to serve a second ball to save a match point against.

Do you understand now how important is the mind?
Yes, it is as important in tennis as it is in life.

Tennis is life in miniature

Well, at this point of the article you will have understood very well that thoughts are connected to emotions and that emotions affect your game positively or negatively.

So, the summary is quite simple:

Positive thoughts correspond to positive emotions and positive results….
Negative thoughts correspond to negative emotions and negative results.

Here’s what you need to think about during a tennis match!

As soon as you feel a disempowering thought coming from your mind…. chase it away!

Get rid of negative thoughts from your mind!

A thought will trigger a sort of ‘cascade effect’ from which you will never get out until the end of the game.

Thinking things like ‘What a shit I played’ will result in a negative emotion (sadness or anger) that will lead to playing more shots like that.

And with the passing of the games you will find that you are playing a bad game made up of badly played shots.
But it all started with a simple thought that generated a ripple effect on everything else.

Reverse the course, head on what goes

All you have to do?
Reverse course.

Simple to say, a little more difficult to do when the stress in the game increases and anger takes over.

Replace negative thinking with positive thinking.

In jargon it is called ‘Empowering Self Talk’ .

Start feeding your mind with positive thoughts in order to generate positive emotions and results…. positive!


Very well! Even today we have reached the end of this article where we have seen together so many very interesting and above all practical things to improve your mental tennis right away!

Before concluding this ‘succulent’ article I wanted to tell you that….

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For my part I thank you for reading this article ‘what to think during a tennis match’ and I am sure that if you train with these secrets you will become a much more positive player than before!

If you wish to receive any clarification or have any doubts about this topic you can comment below, I promise to answer you as soon as possible!


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