Sometimes there are moments of sadness in the course of our life, the best thing to do is try to understand them, face them and move on, perhaps listening to some songs of our favorite artist.

You are no longer mine and I find you bad
Your new boyfriend ages you
But you remain beautiful and sad like the landscape in Venice
And I will not be afraid if we are together
A sweet death, like a fly drowning in honey

Gue Pequeno feat. Marracash – Thrill

Lying without emotion, how do you do it?
My love has rotted into hate
Maybe you are the worst I’ve ever met
Surely on the podium
Then I don’t know how to forgive me
Because I was an accomplice after all
I gave you my soul and instead you
gave me only your body

Marracash – Cruella (I Nervi)

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Anyway you realize that life is a group photo
Many pose, too many live in contact with a reality that is not at home
They hurry to make decisions while waiting
For something with the risk that it will not happen
Someone with the risk that do not see you
Of the reason that unites us inside the frame
Too little tired to sleep

Bassi Maestro – Group photo

I doubt that my generation will
move an imaginary revolution
It was supposed to be a sunset
And the good triumphs at the end of the story
But this is not the case here the image is a little dark
And tomorrow is a little scarier

Article 31 – It is not a film

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I who dreamed and fought with my ghosts
And I stopped asking for help
Me who dreamed and fought with my ghosts
My bad thoughts waiting for me
Me who dreamed and fought with my ghosts I prayed and hoped every night to fall asleep

Ghemon – Ghosts pt.1

I hope that my flame will always remain alight
Even if we are not inside we serve a sentence

Fabri Fibra – Another chance

Now the room is full of ghosts
Late night I’m just struggling with my spasms
The rain never ends
Bass drum and snare drum It
feeds my mind
Heals this moment

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