Phrases for a deceased mother

Losing a loved one is going through one of the most complex moments in life. And if it is also a mother, the process can become even more painful. And it is that the bond between mother and child, regardless of whether or not it is biological, is one of the strongest and most intimate of human relationships.

To keep her in the memory, to mourn her, to give her a smile or a laugh, at we have compiled these delicate and intense phrases for a deceased mother .

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Phrases to remember a deceased mother

Beautiful phrases for a deceased mother

Phrases for a deceased mother on her anniversary

Poems for a deceased mother

Images to remember a deceased mother

Phrases to remember a deceased mother

Whether it is because of her birthday or an iconic moment for her, phrases to remember a deceased mother are a sweet way to bring your dear mother to the present .

When a mother leaves, something of you leaves with her, because there is nothing comparable to a mother.


It has always been said that there is only one mother, but it does not make sense until you are missing.


You will never know the value of a mother, until all you have left is her memory.


It is quite common to overlook how much we love our loved ones, especially our mother. Therefore, it should be remembered that we are all passing through . Here we leave you more Phrases to remember a loved one .

Mothers value our existence more than our achievements, that’s why they deserve everything.


Blessed Mother: you were love, sweetness and consolation; you will live forever in the hearts of your children.


Being a mother means being present in the heart of your child, wherever he is, and you will always be in ours.


Without you, mom, nothing will be the same. You have made us the happiest in the world.


Thank you, because whenever I have needed a hand, you have given me three.


Beautiful phrases for a deceased mother

Beautiful, generous-hearted, fun, loving. It doesn’t matter what your mom was like, because any attribute made her fantastic and unique . For her, they are these beautiful phrases for a deceased mother from

I haven’t seen you with my eyes for a long time, but in my mind and in my heart you are just as present as ever.


Mothers are the pillars of every family, those who give everything without expecting anything in return.


You passed like a shooting star in our lives, but your light will shine forever in our hearts.


No matter how much a mother leaves, her memory will always remain in our hearts. If you want to dedicate more phrases to her, here is another beautiful selection of Phrases for MOM .

Mom, you are and always will be the best of me. Thank you for making me the person I am.


I realized that when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.

Mitch Albom


We will never find tenderness better, more disinterested or true than that of a mother. Thanks for everything, Mom.


Mom, without you my life would not have been possible. Thank you for every hug, every kiss, and every word of support. I love you.


Because mother there is only one and you have been the best.


For my mother queen, who despite so many falls, never threw away the crown.


Mom, thank you for educating me with your values. Thank you for bringing out the best in me.


Phrases for a deceased mother on her anniversary

The anniversary of a mother’s death can be a time of great respect or great sadness. However, whatever feeling comes over you, your love for a mother will continue to be just as intense. These phrases for a deceased mother on her anniversary can be helpful if you want to commemorate her death or your love for her.

Mom, you must be proud of the family you have formed, just as we are of you.


The love of a mother is a love different from all the others. It cannot be compared to anything.


Mom, you are an angel of love and kindness that will never die, your memory is with us every day of our life.


You have been a wonderful mother and an unsurpassed grandmother, thank you for giving us all your love.


The really important thing is that your mother’s passage through life has been pleasant for her and that you have been able to enjoy her company and wisdom.

If your mother was a brave woman, you can also dedicate one of these Phrases for a brave and fighting mother .

Mom, these flowers go to heaven, for you who take care of me from there.


Time can heal the anguish of the wounds you left, but the loss will never be repaired.


Knowing that you are gone is difficult, but I know that you will be with the Lord on the way to eternal life. Don’t forget how much we miss you.


To the world you are a mother, to us you are the world.


Poems for a deceased mother

If, sadly, you have lost your mother, you may want to express your love in an artistic way . These simple poems for a deceased mother that we have collected in may be what you were looking for.

Mom, you are the hand that holds me and the light that illuminates me, never stop guiding me.


Mom, my heart calls you, it does not forget you and misses you. I hope to see you again.


Thank you, Mom, for giving me what no one will ever be able to: your sincere love and unconditional support.


There are many wonders in the universe; but the masterpiece of creation is the heart of a mother.



The sad flower of oblivion will never be born in your grave, for God knows that you have been a good mother and faithful wife.


Those who love others from the heart and try to do their best are not easily forgotten. Therefore, a mother always remains in the memory. Here we leave you more phrases of happy and united family .

The fragrance of your flowers became a balm that calms the heart and the warm month of June was transparent with your infinite presence.


When you have someone you love in heaven, you have a little piece of heaven in your house. Forever.


Mom, if crying would bring you back to life, I would cry all day or all year for you; but I know it is not possible, so I will honor you with my smile and my memory.


You told me that the best gift God could give me was health. You were wrong, mom; the best gift of my life has been to have a mother like you.


When I was sad, you would tell me: ‘Close your eyes and think of beautiful things.’ Today I close them and I only think of you, mom.


This phrase, like a poem for a deceased mother, reminds us that one of the most beautiful parts of life is loving others . And that this connection can bring us great vitality.

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Now that you left to never return is when I understand how much you loved me and I understand that like mother’s love there is none.


Images to remember a deceased mother

The images to remember a deceased mother that we have created in are subtle, delicate and made with a lot of love . So that you can remember your mother with the noblest and most beautiful feelings.

Thank you, Mom, for inspiring me to become someone as special as you.


A mother’s love is forever.


I hug you even if you are not there.


If I had known it was the last time we would see each other, I would have hugged you tighter.


I miss you so much, mom.


My mother, you will always be in my deepest memories. I will always wait to see you again, next to God.


Thank you, Mom, for everything you did for us. I love you and I keep you in my memory forever.


A day like today I remember with nostalgia your beautiful eyes, full of love.


Stay where whenever it looks for you, it finds you.


Despite your absence, my mind always evokes your memory.


A mother’s love is forever.


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