The Importance of Good Habits For A Career

If an activity is carried out continuously and consistently it will become a habit. According to the type, some habits are beneficial and some are harmful habits. Of course, to achieve a career, habits that are done must be good habits and also useful.

According to Charles Duhigg, when a habit occurs, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. Stop working really hard, or shift the focus to another task.

When the activity has become a habit, the habit will make everything run automatically. Do you know? In addition to shaping personality, habits are also the foundation for achieving dreams. John C. Maxwel says that dreams come true are the result of your actions and your actions are largely controlled by your habits. This illustrates how tremendous the influence of habits on career success. “Success in human life can only be achieved if there is a routine internal process. That means you can get success if you are willing to change your attitude, start taking routine steps yourself, and do the job quickly. ” Dr. Ibrahim bin Hamd al-Qu’ayyid

The question is, are your habits in accordance with the career you dreamed of? Are you still stuck in a bad habit? If so, you may be asking what can be done to change bad habits and how can you get started?

  1. Strengthen the intention and determination to change
    “Beginning is the most important part of a job.” Plato
    We all agree that starting something is not an easy task. When we want to change, that change will not happen when without strong intentions and determination. With perfect intention and determination then we will walk towards change. Therefore, in order for change to materialize, the desire to change increases.
  2. Make a note or bullet journal.
    Make a list of bad habits. Try to think about what bad habits you would like to change, such as waking up frequently, rarely having breakfast, neglecting prayers, rarely reading or reciting the Koran, whatever it is, write it down.
    Write down the goals you want to achieve. “People who write goals clearly will reach their goals faster than those who don’t.” Brian Tracy

Put The Tracker in your bullet journal. Besides being useful for creating routines that you want to do, the tracker also helps track activities and tasks over a certain period of time. Tracker is useful as a reminder of the activity or task that you want to complete and also as accurate evidence of the extent to which your change has been accomplished. There are various types of trackers depending on what your data needs are, such as a habits tracker (habits), expence tracker (expenses), saving tracker (saving), meal tracker (food), water tracker (drinking), study tracker (learning) ), book / reading (tracker), Ramadhan tracker (Ramadan activities) and others. After you create trackers, fill in each tracker with a check mark if the activity is carried out,

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so when you do it, it’s nothing messy.” AA Milne
By managing your day, it means training yourself to be disciplined. This attitude is great for your later career. Organizing yourself also refers to being productive at work.

  1. Make a habits challenge and carry out the
    first stage, determine the activity or activities that you want to challenge. Determine the time frame you want to challenge, whether daily, weekly or monthly. Of course, in making this habits challenge, you should recognize your ability and resilience. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  2. Evaluation
    Look at your bullet journal and do regular evaluations at least once a week. With evaluation you will know the extent of your changes, whether you have met the target or not. If not, then you need to increase again, if you meet the target then you can make even bigger targets.
  3. Give yourself a gift.
    Every work you do is commendable. No matter how small the success you get, all of it is the result of your hard work. Thank yourself. Look at yourself and say “thanks for striving to make changes for yourself”. Appreciating yourself can also be giving yourself gifts. Your gift doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You can buy books or skincare or watch on weekends.

Happy trying! “The deeds that God loves the most are those that are continuous even if only a little.” -Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.


by Abdullah Sam
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