The difference between a service and a car inspection

Are inspection and servicing synonymous? No, also because the inspection is mandatory by law and the coupon is not . But that’s not all: let’s discover together all the features and differences between the two car maintenance processes.

Inspection and car service: different times

The car inspection is a check (required by law) of the condition of a car that allows you to circulate safely.

The car is really new only when it has just come out of the dealer, and after a few years the situation could change: for this reason the law sets the first check after 4 years from registration , then always every 2 . Read also: when to do the car overhaul .

What about the coupon ? The car coupon is always a mandatory check but not by law . It is used to keep the warranty valid and its timing can be based on time values or mileage values in km . Many cars are designed to have the control unit remind you of this task. To learn more, read when to get a car service .

We advise you to continue to subject the car to the service even after the warranty has expired, despite the fact that there are never sanctions by the Police.

Inspection and car service: different checks

In addition to the timing with which they are carried out, the checks performed during service and overhaul are also different.

During the revision cars are controlled chassis number, cleaning devices and anti-fogging, dents on the bodywork (rust), braking system, suspension, sounders, muffler, lights, windows and mirrors, presence and suitability of the warning triangle, wheel stock, regular noise and polluting emissions.

The cutting is instead a check-up depth of the car which controls the state: in this case usually are controlled braking system and lighting, brake oil and engine, filters, coolant, state of suspension, air conditioner, tires and wheel buffer stock.

Inspection and car service: different results

Speaking of inspection results, the car does not always pass the inspection, while a service does not involve the risk of blocking.

This is why there are 3 possible outcomes of the review:

  • review ok
  • repeat– you can circulate another 1 month before the regularization of the reported anomalies and the new revision (otherwise in the event of checks by the Police Forces the fine may exceed 600 euros, with withdrawal of the vehicle registration document until the new revision )
  • suspended from circulation– you can only go to the workshop (otherwise, in the event of police checks, the fine may exceed 7,000 euros with vehicle seizure)

Now let’s find out where to carry out a car service and inspection.

Inspection and car service: different places and costs

You can carry out the revision both at the Civil Motorization and in the workshops authorized by the Ministry of Transport: in the first case the cost is 45 euros, while in the second it is 65.68. Read also: how much does the car overhaul cost .

How to choose? Contacting the authorized workshops is much more convenient because, on the contrary, for the Motorization you can arrange an appointment in a few moments, often according to your needs, and without queuing.

As for the place in which subject the car to cut , by 2010 (European Regulation EC 461/2010) you can let it run in any garage , without losing the warranty. Read also: how much does the car service cost .

It is therefore no longer necessary to contact those of the parent company (the most expensive) and thus you can save at least 20%.


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