How to create or make clothes on Roblox? – Create t-shirts, pants, etc. on Roblox

Roblox is a game or platform on the internet which allows you to create any type of virtual world with the game mode you want. This one literally lets you edit everything within your world. So with that in mind today you will see the answer to the question How to create or make clothes in Roblox?

How to Create or Make clothes in Roblox – Create T-shirts, Pants, etc. on Roblox

Those of you who are not so knowledgeable about the game or are just getting started, have probably noticed that everyone wears their own custom t-shirt or clothing wherever they go. Getting this customization in this title is not as difficult as in others and that is why today’s tutorial.

What is needed to create the clothes?

Now, in order to answer the question How to create or make clothes in Roblox? , you have to know firstly, that the only way to be allowed to follow the steps that you will see below is by being a Roblox Premium user.

This is basically like the subscription to the game, which gives you many benefits including customizing all of your clothes. You can buy it per month and it has a different price depending on the plan you want to buy, the cheapest is 5 or 7 euros.

To obtain it you just have to go to the official page of the game and go to the section called “Premium” or “Premium menbership” , within it you will see all the options and you can select the button “Buy now”, to become a Premium user (then you should proceed to create a Roblox account , as you normally would.).


Once you have done it now if you have the right to create your clothes. This consists of pants, shirt and shirt , since the accessories you build are separate. If you want to start the creation process immediately, you must have a specific material and follow a rule, these would be:

The template, which you can download from the internet and will bring the exact dimensions (in pixels) of the clothes a character wears, so that you can edit it. The editor can be anyone (up to paint).

In the case of the rule that you must follow, it is simply not to modify the size of the template. If you do that, the game could reject your design for being too big or too small, which will cause you to have to start over (in case you have to start over, do it, since to have a good character or avatar in Roblox need to be customized).

How to create or make clothes on Roblox?

As you already have all the necessary information to be able to start with your design, it is time to do it and answer the question How to create or make clothes in Roblox? The first step is to go to your design program and open the aforementioned template.

In the case of the shirt you will see a signaling in colors of which is each area of ​​the body or clothing, which would be: light blue (part of the shoulders and the shirt if seen from above), Dark blue (part of the back and arms in rear view), red (a part of the chest and also the arms seen from the front).


Green (shirt and arms but seen from the side), yellow (the inside of the arms) and orange (part of the arms seen from below). Once you have all clear and how they go, you can paint with the colors you want each area, you can also mount a logo or design (take into account that the logo cannot go beyond the edges).

If you want to know the colors of the pants and shirt, you just have to download its template, and follow the same process of not going over the edges and coloring by areas. Once you have finished save your design in PNG or JPG format, since these are the only ones accepted by the game (if you don’t know what the difference is between the image formats, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP , you should look for it to have more context)

Upload the design to the game

With your designs saved now you must proceed to upload them to the game. Go to it and select the ” Create ” menu , in it choose any clothing option (t shirt, pants, and shirts), then touch the ” Browse ” option, search for your design and press ” Upload “.

Automatically when you do that, your design will be loaded into the game, and you will be able to see it reflected on top of your character. So the question How to create or make clothes in Roblox has been answered , now you just have to start playing the Roblox game .


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