The Best 5 Examples Of Applied Linguistics jobs

Applied Linguistics jobs have bright future. Become a linguist is not a difficult task.Sociology and psychology may also be useful to understand why people choose the words they do. After completing training at the university level with a major in linguistics, you can teach the language to the other. Another option, of course, is to teach others who are not familiar with the language they studied. Teaching English as a second language abroad is a very popular career for linguists.

 It deals with the social practices of the language. 

The Best 5 Examples Of Applied Linguistics jobs

Applied linguistics gives a central importance to the social and psychological dimensions of language.

These objects of study include language acquisition and teaching, contact languages ​​and multilingualism, in the construction of individual identities and power relations, of the world through speech.

For these objects, applied linguistics give us answers to concrete social issues, such as the place of language in migration or demonstration of student learning conditions and not a language school. This helps us to better understand language through the study of social practices.

You Know There’s Big Money In Applied Linguistics jobs For Jobs Seeker

Students can find number of bright jobs for teaching career, interpretation, writing, psychology and sociology. Like all degrees, the income you can expect from post-university career varies greatly by this specific career path you choose. It is possible to have a very rewarding career with a doctorate in applied linguistics, both financially and personally.

Teaching English as a Second Language 

 Many new graduates travel abroad to non-English speaking countries where the work of teaching English is in high demand. How much you can earn varies considerably across countries. In China, you can make at least $ 30,000 per year. In the countries of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, you can expect up to $ 50,000. In European countries, wages are generally much lower, around $ 24,000 per year.

The Best 5 Examples Of Applied Linguistics jobs


They can find good jobs as interpreters or translators. If you were to land a job as a language expert for the US government, you can expect to make around $ 80,000 per year. Freelance Interpretation is a popular career path where you can earn 30,000$ to 50,000$ per year.

Technical Writer 

Technical writers can write for companies in many different fields, from computing to medicine. Qualified technical writers can annually earn between $ 33,000 and $ 80,000, depending on experience and the technical nature of the work performed.

Language Coach 

The Best 5 Examples Of Applied Linguistics jobs
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A language coach uses his doctorate in linguistics applied to help people learn to communicate more effectively. Language and dialect coaches are often used by the public and stakeholders such as politicians, to communicate more effectively with their audience. Median income for private language coaching is about $ 50,000 per year.

New media and IT services

In this sector, linguists are expected to develop new media to produce learning software, to handle computers, design, develop and transmit hypermedia and hypertext, or to develop learning systems and computer education.

Knowledge of computer linguists is sought especially in the field of software. These professionals develop such translation systems or programs that allow access to technical systems and databases using natural language (instead of formal query language). They are also involved in the automatic production of texts understandable for everyone – such as weather or stock market reports – from raw data.

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