Terrorism Safety Tips;If An Event of Terrorism Occurs

Terrorism Safety Tips,you can do to prepare for terrorist attacks and reduce the stress that you may feel.It is impossible to prepare for a terrorist act in advance, but you can try to avoid or minimize negative consequences, guided by the following terrorism safety Tips proposed by the Committee on Rule of Law, Law and Order and Security

To prevent explosions on the street :

  • during periods of social tension, when incidents of terrorism increase, visits to crowded places should be avoided.
  • people – markets, stadiums, stations, entertainment events, etc .;
  • It is not recommended to approach suspicious objects left in crowded places, you must immediately report your findings to the police or the FSB;
  • you cannot lift and try to open bags left on the street, in the subway, transport bags, briefcases, convolutions, etc., you should stop people trying to check their contents, quickly move away from them, if they still do;
  • do not raise yourself and teach children not to lift small things found on the street – whistles, fountain pens, cigarette cases, toys, etc., since terrorists often hide bombs in them;
  • categorically it is impossible to defuse explosive devices by yourself or transfer them to another place.

If an Event of Terrorism Occurs;Terrorism Safety Tips

In public places and at home :

  • Pay attention to people around you about all suspicious personalities to report to law enforcement officials;
  • seek from the housing and utilities service to establish an intercom or install it yourself, cooperating with the residents of the entrance, close the basement, attic, pay attention to all items left unattended in the apartments, entrance;
  • when detecting orphaned items, bags and boxes, inquire about their belonging to your neighbors, if they do not belong to anyone – report their presence to law enforcement agencies;
  • Do not attempt to inspect things yourself; this can be dangerous.
  • do not take bags, bundles, packages from strangers, keep track of trucks that drive up to the entrance and the house, unload something;
  • take home a special place to store documents and essential goods that can be quickly picked up in case of evacuation from home;
  • in any situation, try not to panic, to remain calm, which is the guarantor of making the right decisions.

Rules of conduct in a terrorist act in crowded places

Terrorists often choose crowded places for their attacks in order to achieve the most striking effect.

In addition to the fact that a person may be subject to the direct action of a terrorist act – an explosion, there remains a residual threat that a person may suffer in a crowd that seeks to leave the scene of the explosion. In such cases it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • avoid crowded places;
  • not to join the crowd, no matter how much you want to see what is happening;
  • being in a crowd, letting it carry you, but not trying to get out of it “against the tide”, this can lead to loss of strength and injury;
  • deeply inhale and dilute the arms bent at the elbows slightly to the sides to give yourself the opportunity to breathe;
  • strive to be away from tall and big people, people with bulky items, boxes and bags;
  • try to stay on your feet by any means;
  • do not keep hands in pockets;
  • moving, raise your legs as high as possible, put your foot on the full foot, do not climb on the socks;
  • if something is dropped, in no case bend down to pick it up;
  • fasten all zippers and pockets tightly, if there is a hood, put it on, if something prevents you from walking, for example, your bag or backpack, get rid of them;
  • when falling, try to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. In this case, do not rely on your hands, they can break, try to get up faster;
  • if you can not get up, curl up, protect your head with your forearms.

If you are held hostage,you need to remember that your main goal is to stay alive. Remember that all terrorist acts are “demonstrations” by terrorists; thus, they attract attention to solve their problems. And this means that the authorities are already aware of this incident, and they will definitely make attempts to save you and save your life.

In order to maximally protect yourself when you are taken hostage, try to follow these recommendations:

  • do not create unreasonable noise or movement; unexpected movement or noise can be violently repulsed by terrorists;
  • prevent actions that could provoke terrorists to use weapons and lead to human casualties;
  • be prepared for the use of eye patch, gag, handcuffs or ropes by terrorists;
  • endure hardships, insults and humiliation, do not look criminals in the eye (for a nervous person, this is a signal to aggression), do not behave provocatively;
  • do not try to resist, do not show unnecessary heroism, trying to disarm the gangster or break through to the exit or the window;
  • do not resist if you are forced to leave the premises, saying that you are taken hostage;
  • fulfill the demands of criminals, do not contradict them, do not risk the lives of others and their own, try to avoid hysteria and panic;
  • when requesting medical assistance, try to speak calmly and briefly, without irritating the gangsters, to do nothing without receiving permission;
  • try to remember the signs of criminals, the distinctive features of their faces, clothes, names, nicknames, possible scars and tattoos, speech patterns and behaviors, conversations, etc .;
  • remember that after receiving a message about your capture, the special services have already begun to act and will take everything necessary for your release;
  • if you have health problems, make sure you have the necessary medications with you, inform the guards about your health problems, and if necessary, ask for medical assistance or the provision of medications;
  • be ready to explain that you have any documents, telephone numbers, etc .;
  • not let your mind weaken, constantly train your memory: remember historical dates, the names of familiar people, telephone numbers, etc. As far as the strength and space of the room allows, to exercise;
  • If you are given the opportunity to talk with relatives on the phone, keep yourself in hand, do not cry, do not shout, speak shortly and to the point. Try to establish contact with the guards. To explain to them that you are also a person, to show them pictures of your family members, not to try to deceive them;
  • if the guards do not go to the contact, talk as if to yourself, read poems in a low voice or sing;
  • be sure to keep track of time, noting the past days with matches, pebbles or dashes on the wall;
  • Once locked in a room, try to get someone’s attention. For example, to break a pane of glass and call for help, in the presence of matches, set fire to paper and bring it closer to the fire detector, etc.

In the event of an assault:

  • do not seek to neutralize terrorists on their own;
  • lie down on the floor, face down with your hands and do not move, if you manage to take a place away from the windows, windows and under the table or chair – the situation will be safer;
  • try to stay away from the terrorists, because during the assault they are the target for the assault group;
  • do not move anywhere and do not move until the completion of force actions;
  • do not try to leave the premises abruptly, immediately after the seizure, the security forces can identify you as a potentially dangerous object;
  • if possible, take a place as far as possible from windows, glass doors, walkways, and stairs. If possible, use shelters and any obstacles.
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