Telephone banking

The banking telephone service is considered part of electronic banking, which allows customers of financial institution operations remotely and in real time. This, through calls or text messages from your cell phone or landline.

The objective is that users do not need to go to the bank agency to verify their balance, transfer money, request a loan , among other transactions.

The bench telephone began in Spain in mid-1983 with the Direct Bank, which was then a subsidiary of Argentaria. Then, it continued its expansion in 1995 with the Spanish Credit Bank (Banesto) and the Banco Central Hispano (BCH). In the beginning, it only served for simple queries.

Attention to telephone banking

To request attention in telephone banking , the client must first dial the number indicated by their financial institution .

Then, an automatic response system is normally accessed. Here, the user must type or indicate with his voice the desired option.

Depending on the operation to be performed, the individual may be referred to a service agent that provides personalized attention. The latter does not happen, for example, if you only want to check the balance in your bank account.

However, to file a complaint, for example, the client would necessarily have to talk via phone with another person. That way, you would try to resolve the incident as quickly as possible. This communication, moreover, is usually recorded by the financial institution .

Advantages and disadvantages of telephone banking:

Among the advantages of telephone banking include:

  • It saves time and transportation costs.
  • It is important in emergencies, such as credit cardtheft , which must be reported immediately.
  • The danger of theft or loss of cashis avoided .

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • The care may not be provided through a toll-free line.
  • There are services not accessible from the phone, for example, cashwithdrawal .
  • In some cases, the waiting time can be very long, so it becomes an impractical service.
  • Depending on the financial institution, telephone bankingmay be available only during office hours and not 24 hours a day, as online banking does .
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