What is industrial relations and what are the career prospects in it

Let us know some important facts about Industrial Relations today .
Industrial relations is the field of study that links political science to the complexities of globalization, terrorism, ecological sustainability and global finance .
This means that in addition to Political History, the course in Industrial Relations is an active blend of Political History, Foreign Policy, Economics, Anthropology and Sociology .  Also, all the states and the government of the country are mainly focused .  Here, let us tell you that industrial relations is a part of master’s degree in political science, which is done in a large number of universities .  Very few universities offer specialized master’s degrees in industrial relations . In most university departments, the selection is made on the basis of entrance examination.

.Many foreign correspondents and diplomats in multinational companies, teachers in field studies, expert researchers and analysts have taken degrees in this subject for career prospects .  As the world is becoming smaller and interconnected places, the scope of IR has increased and gained more importance in the diet .
As a result, international justice, international economic development, humanitarian relief, human rights advocacy, political and economic risk analysis motivates you to work in these areas.

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