Technical Drawing – What is it, Features and Tips

It is a composite system of representation, to determine various types of objects, in order to provide sufficient parameters for analysis, build a design and specify the elements of its manufacture and treatment. It is usually done with the help of computers using CAD tools, the classic shape is applied directly to the paper, using specific drawing design tools such as squares.

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Technical Drawing Features

The presentation of the image is based on geometry and the sense of three-dimensionality to have various perspectives, in order to establish a technical design, everything will depend on the nature of the drawing and its purpose.

Types of Technical Drawing

The types of technical drawing can be architectural for the design of buildings and plants, mechanical for the design of mechanized functional devices, electrical design for the presentation of an electrically charged system plan, geological for the representation of a terrain or perimeter, topographic for the presentation of a construction of a building and the conditions of the land with respect to its dimensions.

Likewise, there is the urban to represent an urbanized space or for public use of people, of sanitary facilities for the function properly described.

Also in the classification is the electronic technical drawing to explain electrical or micro technological components, the drawing of metal constructions for the representation of metallized structures or designs in heavy metals and even cartographic design for massive construction projects.

Purpose of Technical Drawing

The technical drawing aims to capture a functional sketch on the paper or digital work desk, and then materialize it without the effects of error, it is about making logic tests on a design, including calculations of resistance and viability of a design.

Therefore, any creation or manufacturing project must go through a technical drawing stage, either computer assisted through the CAD program or embodied in old school style paper.

Tools for Technical Drawing

Nowadays, technical drawing has become mostly computer-assisted, where design is presented even on virtual planes provided with three-dimensionality, where design resistance, weight range, resistance to the elements, such as the air, heat or cold, using mathematics to calculate probabilities before the virtual tests of it.

To make a technical drawing on paper, different work tools are needed, such as rulers of various types or squares, compass, pencils of different numbers of graphite, bevel, pen, markers, among many other tools, now due to the advancement of technology is rare to see technical drawing on paper.

Computer Programs for Technical Drawing

Today they are used for technical drawing, preferably computer tools, in the different programs called CAD, whose software can capture the design either in two dimensions or in three, even allowing virtual environments to be implemented to accurately and perfectly implement the process. of the design, discarding the most common errors that existed in the classic presentation of paper and drawing tools.

Also used for technical drawing are programs such as photo shop, paint, freeCAD, open source for Windows, Mac and Linux that is directly related to the engineering and design of products for mechanical use.

Likewise, there is the Sculptris, which is a free 3D graphic design program for Windows and Mac, for drawing 3D models such as sculptures or figures.

There is also SketchUp, which is another of the 3D modeling programs, widely used mainly for architectural designs and other specific environments in the 3D project industry.


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