Task management – How to do it efficiently?

Nowadays, we are all multitasking, as we need to study, work, take care of the house, children, even domestic animals and always be “attuned” to what happens around us. Many people compromise their daily obligations, claiming afterwards that they lack the time to do them. But why do other people have the same tasks and manage to get around this lack of time?

The big problem may be in the way your time management is done, often there is a lack of organization in your day. Sometimes we need to be a little more methodical, know how to choose, be assertive and manage everything effectively, helping you in your future decisions.

Creating a list of all tasks is the key for you to organize your day and complete your obligations without compromising your leisure time with overtime at home.

To keep everything organized you need to store them in a place with easy access and, if possible, mobile, so that your list of tasks will follow you wherever you go. In this post we will see some tips using your mobile device to manage your list.


Today some smartphones use the Android operating system, and on that system it is possible to download task management software like Artia, so enjoy, don’t waste time and start registering your list within the tool you have chosen to use.


They are usually done usually on Fridays or Sundays at the end of the day, ideally you should take a pen and paper, or better, directly on your smartphone, and see everything you did in the previous week and what you need to do in the next. Consult your entire agenda with your commitments and tasks already registered, making your organization easier. The important thing is not to forget anything, even the simplest ones.


Create categories for your tasks, this will make it easier to do them. For example, if it requires you to be at home use the category “home”, on the street use “street”, if you need to be at the company to perform it use “work”, so you can perform all your tasks that need be performed on the street, for example, at once, optimizing your time. You can create your categories as you wish, as this is a very practical way to keep your agenda more organized.


Task is a single action, whereas a project is a set of actions where all must be executed to complete it. When you need to register a project in your calendar, break it down into several tasks, this way it will be easier to execute it.

Important or not important

Another tip that helps a lot when it comes to knowing which task to start with is to categorize your activities by priority. You can separate them between what is urgent and what is not, or even categorize with levels from 1 to 4 by importance.


Always try to work with deadlines between 2 and 3 days before the original date, this will help to avoid possible inconveniences, since emergencies happen and you cannot avoid them.

And remember, your electronic calendar has alarms and some can even trigger emails with reminders, so use and abuse this functionality.

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