How to make a libel complaint

Defamation is one of the most consumed crimes in our society, since rudeness or, worse, ineducation often lead to offensive and harmful behavior of human dignity. Statistical investigations show that about 70% of  Italian citizens  have been victims of defamation at least once, with enormous proliferation of criminal trials. But how to make a real complaint for defamation? Let’s see it together.

The traditional way to propose a correct  lawsuit  is to go personally to the police headquarters of the police and to file a complaint against the person or the slanderer. In this case, the public official, who will personally take care of the written drafting of the report, will have to tell the precise development of the facts (mentioning the name of the witnesses present is also important), without releasing any details, especially because a retraction of the content the minutes would be preliminary for the engagement of a possible trial.

However, deadlines must be respected: the report can, in fact, be carried out within and no later than 90 consecutive days from the date on which the crime took place even if it can be withdrawn at any time.

Once filed lawsuit, it is for the  justice of the peace  Criminal been looked into looking into this matter in order to ascertain the foundation. Only after this phase will he issue a sentence or not. If the sentence recognizes the defamatory crime, the slanderer will have to compensate the damages to the libel, provided that a prison sentence has not been contemplated. In any case, the advice is to get assistance from a good criminal lawyer who carefully assesses to what extent it will be convenient to continue the procedure.

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