Take an Expensive SEO Course? 20+ Secrets of SEO Without a Course

Intend to take SEO courses that cost millions? Read this before you pay for SEO courses that are not cheap, SEO courses are important, but you must first understand the vocabulary in SEO before taking a course that learns SEO for those who are experts.

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Definition of SEO

Where Should You Start SEO?

2.1 · Linking Every Site Page

2.2 · Perform a number of initial settings

Two Kinds of SEO Secrets Taught in an SEO Course

3.1 On-Site SEO

3.2 Off-Site SEO

Secrets of Off-Site SEO Courses

4.1 Methods of Off-Site SEO

Conclusions of SEO Course Material

If you want to have a website that has a lot of visitors from Google in particular, you need to manage it regularly so that the content is always up to date and much sought after by visitors. Try to create quality content and not just clickbait, so as not to upset visitors. It is not easy to attract visitors, especially for newly created websites.

It takes a lot of time to learn about SEO and most people are tempted to take expensive courses. Are all those who take the SEO course always successful? The answer is no. It all depends on people who take the course want to continue to develop knowledge or not. An alternative to part of the course content is by reading this article.

Definition of SEO

What is SEO ? SEO has an extension in the form of Search Engine Optimatization which is an optimization method using Google’s search engine. This method is very helpful for internet users looking for websites with content that suits the user’s needs based on keywords. This method can also help increase the search for internet users to your site.

Using SEO on this website is like two sides of a sword. It can be detrimental or beneficial to the website owner depending on the content of the website content. Make sure your website has useful content and doesn’t just contain rubbish information.

A reputable website can attract regular visitors. While websites containing bad content will make visitors not want to come visit again. So it looks like a famous artist for a moment due to bad rumors or a long-time famous artist thanks to good issues.

All back again in the basic google SEO rules, namely Content is King.

A bad reputation is not only related to the contents of bad content can also be due to frequent errors. You must be starting to feel anxious about technical issues that are not in your field. Currently there are very many website technical repair services at affordable prices. You won’t spend too much on using your website repair services.

Another thing to know is that you won’t be able to increase your site’s ranking using Google ads. This has been included by Google in the support section, because Google does not provide these services.

Where to Start SEO?

You are learning about how to increase rankings independently. The first and foremost step in understanding SEO is seeing a 30-minute Google-made video, Google’s Webmaster guidelines, Google 101, and so on. Apart from these steps you also need to do the following.

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  • Linking Every Site Page

You are ready to make the first settings on the website, meaning you have to change it to an SEO-based website. Do a check for each site has been linked with SEO or not. This link needs to be done on all pages on your website.

It is recommended to use a domain or paid web hosting, in order to make CMS code settings more freely than a free account. There are many restrictions on CMS code when you decide to only use a free domain or web hosting.

  • Perform a number of initial settings

Don’t just link pages in SEO when you intend to increase website ranking. You who have a website also need to make arrangements for some other things that will be mentioned below.

  1. Page titles with HTML tags on each page
  2. Meta tags on each page
  3. Insert Meta Keywords on each page
  4. Make sure there is only one Heading (H1) on one page. More than one heading will be considered as spam by Google.
  5. Be sure to use a text link to link Home Pgae. Don’t use JavaScript code that will only be hidden in search navigation.
  6. Complete the website with Privacy Policy
  7. Try to provide a contact-specific page
  8. Can add or reduce page content on a website
  9. There is access to the blog

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Two Kinds of SEO Secrets Taught in an SEO Course

You need to understand that there are two types of SEO namely on-site and off-site, both of which have different ways. Both will be discussed briefly so that you can more easily understand.

On-Site SEO

SEO is run on the website itself. Most people use this first SEO category. Some ways to enable on-site SEO are by creating a contact page, privacy policy, website structure, and variations of links. Most of the on-site SEO has been discussed in previous sections.

Off-Site SEO

You will also be able to do optimization via off-site on your website. The trick is to use a backlink that is installed outside the website.

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Secret of Off-Site SEO Course

Optimization that is not related to the inside of a website is called off-site SEO. This type requires link building or commonly called back linking. You can increase the number of users who click backlinks as your brand image gets better.

Installation of backlinks is what you will learn in the SEO Expert course, Planting backlinks can increase or even decrease your website search keywords in Google search. For that you must be vigilant when embedding backlinks on the website, Don’t be careless! (for the web, why try it!)

Then how is the backlink planting technique that you will learn in expensive SEO courses?
1. Website must be a Nice (theme) with your website
2. Out bond link must be no more than 50 / website or per page
3. Don’t spam with the same anchor text repeatedly
4. Choose a website that has PA DA / UR DR / CF TF is high
5. Don’t post articles that have been published for backlinks, you will get phinalty from Google because of SPAM articles!
6. Create a fresh article and a theme for the backlink.

Important in maintaining the reputation of your website. Off-site and on-site SEO optimization must go hand in hand together. Even though the two are very different, but you need to manage them both in order to increase your website’s rating.

Method of Off-Site SEO

This off-site technique will make visitors remember the brand of the website and link to your site. The more users link your link to your website, surely the number of website visitors will increase. Some methods from off-site SEO:

  1. Promotion in the Forum

Using promotion in a forum can increase website ranking. Instantly most of the forum members are curious and will open a link that leads to your website.

This method is also quite effective in increasing traffic to your site. Sometimes providing recommendations for a backlink in a forum can be time consuming, especially when you have to explain to the forum members who ask.

Off-Site SEO can clearly help you by notifying Google’s search engine of reviews from visitors to your website. The more good reviews about your website, the more Google will prioritize your website when there are users looking for the same information with your content.

If you want to post on the forum to get a backlink, you can get a backlink through the following link for free! this will be taught in a professional SEO course




  1. Promotion through Social Media

Another off-site SEO method is to introduce your website to many friends on social media. Surely you should try to also enter the group related to the contents of your website. Improving the website using this method needs to focus high and try to concentrate on the opinions of your followers on social media.

  1. Local SEO

The next way is to use local SEO techniques. This SEO only provides popular content that focuses on users in a location. You who use this one method need to use the Google Places for Business Page. It’s usually the way like this local SEO will also be taught in SEO courses , but learning it yourself is also easy.

Based on data researched by Google states that there are at least 87% of people who use cell phones while on a trip. While 95% of people who use cellphones on the trip try to find local information via cellphones. These opportunities that you can use to increase website traffic.

  1. Natural Link Building

Creating a lot of backlinks will indeed be very useful in raising site ranking. But believe a quality website with a little backlink will be better than making a lot of backlinks by spam. When you build a website with quality content, of course there are many other websites that like it, so naturally they will recommend your article on their website, then your website will form a natural link.

These other websites may provide links to your website. As a result the search engine will point to your website link when other users need information containing the content that you created. This is how you can beat other competitors’ websites.

Conclusion SEO Course Material

Hopefully the material that I convey is useful before you take an expensive SEO course. First you understand the basics of SEO vocabulary, then you must understand the On page technique first before you understand the Off page technique by installing backlinks.

So this article, I hope this article is useful, and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have questions. Thank you


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