7 essential SEO extensions for Chrome

If you want to get the maximum influx of visits to your page or blog, it is essential that you have a good SEO . In this sense we can find tools of all kinds and for all tastes, but in our case we are going to present you some of the SEO extensions that we consider essential and that you can install for free in Google Chrome to manage your pages in the most comfortable way and effective possible. It should be noted that the tools listed below do not follow a particular order, but are organized in alphabetical order and not according to their importance, effectiveness or characteristics.

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  • What are the best SEO extensions?
    • Check My Links
    • Mozbar
    • SEO Competitor Analysis Tool
    • SEOquake
    • SEO Site Tools
    • woorank
    • Page Speed ​​Monitor

What are the best SEO extensions?

There are a large number of SEO extensions oriented to different areas, from link monitoring to the complete analysis of a website. Therefore, in this section we will show you the best tools to improve the positioning of your website.

Check My Links

We start with this option that we can install quickly and whose main function is to analyze the links on our pages.

You must not forget that it is essential to avoid broken links (links that for whatever reason no longer redirect to an existing page) if we want to achieve good optimization, but obviously it is practically impossible to go looking link by link to check their status. For this reason, with Check My Links in just a few minutes we will be able to solve many problems that could otherwise bring us upside down.

Chrome Store – Check My Links


With this bar we will be able to know all the details related to the authority of a certain page or blog.

We obtain very valuable information such as the possibility of knowing the incoming links and other information of interest that will be very welcome to help you make an appropriate decision.

Chrome Store – Mozbar

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

It is an essential tool to be able to compare our page with other pages of the competition based on a keyword, that is, we will be able to know which of the pages obtains better results based on said word.

At the same time, it is also very easy to use, since all we have to do is add the address of our page and the address of the page with which we want to compare it. Then we introduce the keyword and at the moment it will carry out a complete analysis through which we will be able to know in which of the pages this key is better optimized.

Chrome Store – SEO Competitor Analysis Tool


It is one of those essential tools that all good bloggers should have installed. It includes a wide variety of information from any website on which we find ourselves.

We will be able to know data such as internal and external links, diagnoses, indexed pages , backlinks , Alexa ranking , +1, Likes and Tweets related to the page and much more.

Chrome Store – SEO Quake

SEO Site Tools

It is a tool similar to the previous one, since it offers us a large amount of very relevant information in relation to our website or even with the pages of the competition.

Compared to SEO Quake , this SEO extension for Chrome could be considered more complete, since it offers very extensive information about localization, hosting, tags, etc. However, it is important that we bear in mind that on the contrary we will not have information in relation to both outgoing and incoming links.

These are some of the must-have SEO extensions for Chrome. However, we encourage you to tell us which ones you like the most and of course also contribute those that you consider necessary.

Chrome Store – Seo Site Tools


This is one of the best free seo extensions out there today. This tool will allow you to analyze your website to find the errors it has and thus be able to solve them.

The operation of Woorank is simple , since to analyze a web, you only have to access it, and open the extension. Then a panel will appear with the score it gives, depending on whether the site is correctly optimized or not. In addition to this aspect, we can also check the SEO errors it has and some points to improve.

Chrome Store – Woorank Extension

Page Speed ​​Monitor

In our repertoire of seo extensions, one aimed at checking the speed of our website could not be missing. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects in SEO is that your website is fast, for this you must choose the hosting correctly and take care of the size of your images. This tool will show us the response time of our website.


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