Sweating tablets – how do they work? Are they safe

Sweating tablets are intended for people who are struggling with excessive sweating, not only in the armpits, feet or hands. Thanks to them, excessive sweat is suppressed on the surface of the whole body. It is a very convenient solution, but is it really safe? Check how the anti-sweating tablets work and whether they can be harmful to the body.

Sweating tablets are preparations whose purpose is to inhibit excessive sweating. Therefore,  anti-sweating tablets are a solution for people who are struggling with  hyperhidrosis (hyperhydration). You can talk about it when the ducts leading sweat glands begin to emit sweat in quantities greater than the body needs to cool the skin surface.

Sweating tablets – who are they for?

Tablets for sweating can be taken by people struggling with local hyperhidrosis (e.g. armpits or feet), but their use seems more justified in the case of a generalized form of hyperhidrosis (whole body), which the so-called sweat blockers.

Excessive sweating of the whole body can be a symptom of many diseases, including diabetes , hyperthyroidism , alcohol intoxication , Parkinson’s disease and even spinal cord injury . Then the hyperhidrosis tablets will not be effective, because they will not fight the cause of the underlying disease, which is responsible for excessive sweating.

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Hyperhydrosis can also be the result of acclimatization processes in a tropical climate, eating certain spices or foods, exercise or obesity . However, the most common is emotional sweating, e.g. under stress . In these situations, sweating tablets can provide relief.

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Sweating tablets – how do they work?

Pills for excessive sweating have herbs in their composition, which are aimed at inhibiting the excessive secretion of sweat. Sage , which contains anti- sweat tannins, plays a primary role in them . Thanks to them, the liquid in the form of sweat does not get to the surface of the skin in excess. However, he is not trapped in the sweat glands, but excreted in the urine. Therefore, a side effect of using this type of preparations may be frequent visits to the toilet.

To increase the volume of urine excreted, and thus – to reduce the amount of fluid excreted through the skin, contribute, among others horsetail and nettle, famous for its diuretic properties .

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In addition, some tablets may contain calming herbs (e.g. lemon balm , perilla extract ), which “silence” the body in stressful situations, and thus – reduce the amount of sweat secreted under the influence of emotions.

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Tablets for sweating – it is better to consult a doctor before consumption

The active ingredients of the sweating tablets are herbs, and these can change the effect of drugs – to strengthen or weaken the recommended dose and cause the harmful effects of the prescribed medicine. Therefore, people who permanently take medications should consult a doctor before taking hyperhidrosis tablets. In addition, it should be remembered that these preparations are diuretic, therefore similar recommendations apply to people struggling with electrolyte disorders. People with allergies to any component of the preparation should definitely give up hyperhidrosis tablets.

Sweating tablets – are they harmful?

Sweating preparations, which are used only on a limited area of ​​the body (e.g. mainly under the arms), are not as harmful as hyperhidrosis tablets. Armpits occupy a small area in relation to the entire skin and the body easily copes with thermoregulation, even if a person does not sweat under the arms.

It is worse if sweat production is restricted on the whole body. This may cause water and electrolyte imbalance , especially since sweating tablets are diuretic. In addition, it can lead to dangerous overheating of the body , because the cooling mechanism will not work as needed. Therefore, although sweating tablets are advertised as dietary supplements, a medical consultation is recommended before consumption.

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