Safe tanning in SOLARIUM, or how to use tanning beds

Solarium makes you leave it not only tanned, but also more friendly to the world, because under the influence of light in the body endorphins – happiness hormones are formed. Unfortunately, you can only afford such pleasure sporadically – the UVA rays emitted by them are very harmful to the skin. So how can you sunbathe safely in a tanning bed?

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the risk of tanning in a solarium?
  2. How to use the solarium? The most important rules
  3. Who is not allowed to use the solarium?

The solarium  – according to its creators – was designed so that the lamps, unlike the sun, emit only UVA rays . They were considered to be less harmful to the skin – they were to give a quick tan without the risk of burns, for which UVB rays were blamed.

But research has shown that theory has little to do with practice. Unable to completely eliminate UVB radiation (especially in older generation lamps). In addition, it turned out that UVA rays are also dangerous and cause burns in high doses.

What is the risk of tanning in a solarium?

Certainly very fast skin aging. UVA rays are responsible for this, which act on the dermis, i.e. reach very deeply. Damage collagen and elastin fibers for firmness and smoothness.

They thicken the stratum corneum, making the skin thick, inflexible and rough. They also have a destructive effect on blood vessels that supply the skin with nutrients, and also damage hair and nails.

So, tanning users are acting contrary to logic – they are sunbathing to look better, and in fact they accelerate the moment when more wrinkles appear and deepen existing ones.

Protect your nipples during tanning because they don’t have a granular layer. Radiation comes very deeply, which causes severe peeling of the skin.

The second risk is skin cancer . Until recently, it was thought to be caused by UVB rays, but there is already evidence that UVA radiation is equally dangerous – including because it increases the production of free radicals . Tanning users are primarily at risk of melanoma – one of the most malignant cancers. In recent years, it has been diagnosed more and more often in young people and this is precisely the result of excessive exposure to UV radiation .

How to use the solarium? The most important rules

  1. Use proven solariums. If anything in the appearance of the device raises doubts, request the display of relevant documents showing that the device is regularly serviced. If for some reason it turns out to be impossible, go to another office.
  2. Make sure the tanning bed or cabin has been disinfected after the previous user. This is very important, because it is easy to get infected with mycosis and other skin diseases that are difficult to treat in the solarium .
  3. Use only disposable towels. Disposable slippers and underwear should be removed from the packaging in your presence.
  4. Before sunbathing, brush your face and body with UVA cream . The bronze obtained will be slightly less intense, but the safety will be much greater.
  5. Use safety glasses as mandatory, because UVA rays increase the risk of cataracts . Just closing your eyes is not enough.
  6. After returning home, grease the skin well.


It is not possible to determine the time and frequency of sunbathing that would be safe for the skin. But of course you do much less harm if you use the solarium two or three times a year, e.g. before a big outing, than when you sunbathe a few times a week. Remember that 15 minutes spent in the solarium is just as dangerous for the skin as it is all day in the sun.

The harmfulness of a solarium does not depend only on the properties of the emitted rays. The reliability of the owners of offices in which you can use the cabins or tanning beds is of great importance. Solar lamps wear out and after some time need to be replaced because they stop meeting safety standards. If the owner does not care, the risk of skin burns increases. In addition, devices that have been withdrawn from the Western market are very often sent to Poland, where they were considered unsuitable for further use.

Tanorexia, i.e. addiction to tanning

Tanorexia is a mental addiction to tanning. The patient has a feeling that with pale skin he looks much worse, so he goes to the solarium several times a week. Even in the middle of winter, it looks like he’s just come back from a vacation in the tropics. Addicted to tanning, he does not notice discoloration or the fact that his tan looks unnatural and aged. It is easy to fall into the tanning habit, because a visit to the solarium gives a pleasant warmth, which improves the mood and appearance of the skin.

The solarium doesn’t heal

UV rays help in alleviating the symptoms of certain dermatological diseases, e.g. psoriasis , atopic dermatitis or light urticaria, but for such treatment specialized lamps are used and it is carried out under strict medical supervision.

The dermatologist adjusts the frequency and length of sessions. This is important because excessive doses of radiation worsen the patient’s condition. Therefore, under no circumstances should you use tanning treatments on your own.

Sunbathing is also not a good option for people suffering from acne . At first, seborrhea is actually slightly weaker, but after a while the skin becomes very dry and begins to produce more sebum than usual. In addition, sunbathing in a closed room causes sweating more intensively, and this causes the formation of more blackheads


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