Surgical table

Surgical table. Among other characteristics it must be stable and comfortable, it must have a stable padding and an electrohydraulic base . The boards used can be of various types, the most widely used are the universal board and the trauma board . It must be suitable for each type of operation , therefore it has a control that regulates its movements, which are:

  1. Height regulation.
  2. Lateral tilt on both sides.
  3. Trendelemburg and antitren.
  4. Lumbar plate regulation.
  5. Regulation of the legsseparately and together.
  6. Regulation of the headplate .


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  • 1 Parts of the Surgical Table
  • 2 Multifunctional Surgical Table
  • 3 Types of surgical tables
    • 1 JT-1 mechanical operating table
      • 1.1 Features
      • 1.2 Specifications
    • 2 Surgical table model JT-1A
      • 2.1 Features
      • 2.2 Specifications
    • 3 Surgical table model JT-2A
      • 3.1 Specifications
    • 4 Model DT12-B surgical table
      • 4.1 Features
      • 4.2 Specifications
    • 5 Model DT12-D surgical table
      • 5.1 Specifications
      • 5.2 The DT12-D model is divided
    • 6 Obstetric surgical table model CC-1
      • 6.1 Specifications
    • 7 FC-1 multipurpose gynecological surgical table
      • 7.1 Features
      • 7.2 Specifications
    • 8 Deflective surgical table JT-3
      • 8.1 Features
      • 8.2 Specifications
    • 4 Sources

Parts of the Surgical Table

  • Headplate .
  • Backplate module .
  • Cental middle segment.
  • Seat / legplate module .
  • Legplate module .
  • Steering lever.
  • Network connection socket.
  • Tablecontrol switch .
  • Connection for potential compensation cable.
  • Rating plate.
  • Driving screw.
  • Management plate.
  • Unity of command.
  • Connection socket for control unit and footswitch .
  • Column management panel.

Multifunctional Surgical Table

It is an operating table with electrohydraulic operation by means of rechargeable batteries. These batteries have enough capacity for about two weeks of operation, approximately 50-80 operations. The state of charge of the batteries is electronically controlled and optically and acoustically indicated. The batteries are recharged by the 100-240 volt AC mains. The basic functions of height adjustment, lateral inclinations, Trendelemburg inclinations and reverse are carried out through the control panel with extendable cable and laminar keyboard.

Types of surgical tables

JT-1 mechanical operating table


It is an economic model of surgical equipment, which brings a wide selection of accessories, the table is suitable for operation on the head, neck, abdomen, chest, legs, etc., in general surgery as well as urological surgery in hospitals and clinics.


    • The oil pump adopts a new design, to raise the table to the maximum as soon as you press the pedal, while lowering it to its maximum positions as soon as you press the corresponding pedal.
    • Compact and reasonable in structure, ensuring superior performance and reliable quality operations. Model JT-1 is manually operated and easily accessible.
    • Ergonomics was taken into consideration during the design, resulting in its attractive appearance and easy operation for cleaning and sterilization. Accessories can be separated with clamps.
    • With the brake under the table, the entire unit is very easy to transport, move or clean.
    • Its new handle design makes it more flexible for most requirements and when not in use, the handle can also be detached.
    • All adjustments and adjustments are made on the left side of the Table making its operation easier.
    • Due to its perfect design, the Tablecan be raised smoothly and stably.


    • Maximum length: 1950mm; width: 480mm
    • Height Range: Minimum: 700mm; maximum 900mm
    • JT-1 Operating Table Range of Motion
    • A: Range of headsection : 30 degrees upward from horizon; 90 degrees down from the horizon
    • B: Range of backsection 75 degrees rising from the horizon
    • C: Legsection range : 90 degrees down from the horizon
    • D: Front and rear tilt range for table: 0-20 degree front tilt and 0-15 degree rear tilt
    • E: Lateral Tilt Range: To the left and right 15 degrees to each side.

Surgical table model JT-1A


It is very convenient mechanical operation for operations head , neck , stomach , chest , legs and so on surgery General and surgery gynecological and urological in hospitals and clinics .


    • Its new oil pump design adopts the hydraulic pressure that raises and lowers the system very easily, the other operations are done manually.
    • It is compact and reasonable in structure, superior in performance and quality
    • The protective cover of the table is made of stainless steel.
    • Designed new and fine art around the table.
    • Easy access for cleaning and sterilization.
    • Accessories can be separated with clamps.
    • The button brake makes it convenient for transport, being able to move and clean.
    • Its new handle design is used to make most adjustments.

All adjustments should be made on the left side of the table for most operations.


    • Maximum length: 1930mm; width: 480mm
    • Height Range: Minimum: 710mm; maximum 910mm
    • Rear Section: adjustment from 0º to 75º degrees
    • Legsection : divided, adjustments from 0º to 180º degrees and removable.
    • Foot section: divided type, with table top and vertical and removable.
    • Lateral inclination: + – 15º degrees.
    • Kidney bridge elevation up to 80mm and removable

Surgical table model JT-2A


It has been designed with end users, thus incorporating multiple functions that allow it to be used in general surgery and in many specialized surgical procedures. Its functional design includes a hydraulic pump system and a spring gas cylinder that provides smooth, easy-to-position operation to meet most surgical demands . A special board, high rolling pressure , in the table surgical JT-2A allows examination of radiography and fluoroscopy . With its wide selection of accessories, the JT-2A is the most useful and economic surgical table for dental .


    • Maximum length: 1960mm; width: 480mm
    • Height Range: Minimum: 710mm; maximum 850mm
    • HeadSection : adjustment -40º to + 30º degrees
    • BackSection : adjust 0º to + 75º degrees
    • LegSection : -90º to 0º removable adjustment
    • Lateral inclination: + – 15º degrees.
    • Weight: 288 Kg.
    • Dimensions: 1770 × 770 × 940cm

DT12-B surgical table


It serves as a multipurpose operating table for surgery abdominal and thoracic , surgery brain , ENT, Gynecological and Obstetric.


    • Integrated HydraulicSystem that ensures good performance of the operating table. It has a stainless steel upper cover for the base and support of the system, facilitating the cleaning and sterilization of the table.
    • Ergonomic design that provides the table with a perfect cut. The entire finish is made of polyester rubber.
    • The rear section of the table is movable, in which an elevator is adjusted for kidneyor gallbladder operation .
    • The table surfaces are made of plexiglass, by putting the x– ray film container between the top and bottom cover of the table, a radiographic examination can be performed without moving the patient.
    • All clamps for attaching accessories are detachable and easy to use with all other accessories and double-blade arm rest, which are optional accessories, suitable for brain surgeryand lateral surgery .


    • Maximum length: 1960mm; width: 480mm
    • Height Range: Minimum: 650mm; maximum 870mm
    • Lateral adjustment: -15º to + 20º degrees
    • HeadSection : adjust up + 30º degrees, down and up 90º degrees
    • BackSection : adjustment 0º – + 75º degrees
    • LegSection : adjustment + -90º degrees separately
    • Feet section: level or vertical adjustment and removable
    • Kidney bridge lift range:> 80mm

DT12-D surgical table


It serves as a multipurpose operating table for surgery abdominal and thoracic , surgery brain , ENT, gynecology and obstetrics, as well as for surgery urological .

The Operations Table is controlled by a microprocessor , in two control panels, which control the different positions of the Table electronically. It has a security system to avoid operations not allowed at the moment.


    • Maximum length: 2060mm; width: 480mm
    • Height Range: Minimum: 550mm; maximum 880mm
    • The integrated hydraulicsystem guarantees the low noise characteristic and ensures the reliability of the operating table.
    • The additional low position has been specially designed for cerebraland ophthalmic surgery . ** The doctor can take a seat during the operation.
    • The top of the table can be moved forward, backward, to the left and right sides, allowing full use when taking an X-rayor C-Arch .
    • The additional width of the table meets today’s clinical requirements.

The DT12-D model is divided

In five the main sections, shoulders section, head section, body section, pelvis section and the surfaces of the leg . The surface of these sections are made of radiolucent material, allowing the X – ray film to be placed between the top and the bottom cover of the table, performing a radiographic examination without moving the patient.

Movement of all sections is electrically controlled except for the head and leg section which is manually controlled. The shoulder section and body section can be raised for bladder and kidney surgery very easily.

The table base has first-class maneuverability and stability, which makes them very flexible and reliable at the time of operation. With the wide range of accessories, the table is suitable for all kinds of operations. The operating table is compact in structure and new in design.

Obstetric surgical table model CC-1


The multifunction obstetric chair is a medical equipment for clinical obstetric and gynecological diagnosis , it is a special chair for the patient who is in labor, it is also possible for the mother and baby to sleep together after delivery. The CC-1 obstetric table is composed of two independent tables, one is for the body , while the other is for the legs. The table is manually operated. Height regulation is by means of a hydraulic system, while the other mechanisms are operated by a special design.


    • Height range :: minine 650mm maximum 800mm
    • Backadjustment range above level: minimum -5º maximum 45 °
    • Adjusting range of the abdomenabove the level: minimum -8º maximum 20 °
    • Leg section can be separated as desired by the specialist.
    • The bodyand legs section have brakes to fix a position.
    • Table BodyDimensions : 1350mm x 650mm
    • Table Leg Section Dimensions: 800mm x 550mm
    • Total length: 2150 mm

Multipurpose gynecological surgical table FC-1


It was designed for gynecological diagnostic use , small operations, ideal for small gynecology departments.


    • It has a special motor, which controls the elevation of the table, making it stable in the movement and operation of the table. Generating smoothness and low noise level during its operation.
    • The section of the backis controlled by a pneumatic element and the position can be improved by a handheld device.
    • A foot pedal provides the doctor with a better use of chair operation.


    • Total length: 1200 * 500
    • Height: 700mm to 950mm
    • Back Section Adjustment: 0 ° to 60 °

Deflective surgical table JT-3


It is designed for thoracic and abdominal operations , ophthalmic surgeries , ENT, gynecological and obstetric , as well as urological surgeries .


    • Its entire system is hydraulic, which gives it stability and operating safety.

Wide operating table for people of high weight.

  • The Table has headabdomen , body and leg sections, all sections are made of “polymethyl methacrylate”
  • Deck accessories are made of Steel.


    • Height: minimum 730mm maximum 980mm
    • HeadSection : -90 ° to + 45 °, removable
    • Backsection : -30 ° to + 75 °
    • Leg section: down 90 °, horizontally 70 °, removable
    • Side adjustment: -15 ° to + 15 °
    • Kidney Bridge: 120mm


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