Summer plants | Suitable for outdoor and in full sun

The plants outdoor summer are a resource practical to help us get that garden we have always desired, with an aesthetic of the more special. The best way to get summer flowers is the pots. There are garden plants that will have given all their color in the face of spring, and now, with the high temperatures of summer, they will begin to decay, withering. On the other hand, there are other plants that will proliferate with the arrival of these high temperatures, with the direct action of the sun’s rays.

If you are looking for those spring summer season plants that are really capable of withstanding high temperatures, you are in the right section.

Some of these options are also indoor plants , since in winter they must be protected from the cold.

Summer plants with flowers you should know


The geraniums are a good choice for planting in pots. They bloom quite frequently, and they just need a sunny place to do so. Of course, we must control the irrigation and control the flowers that are wilting; These will have to be removed immediately.

But what is undoubtedly the great advantage of this type of summer plants is the great variety of colors in which we can find the geranium : there are red, white, pink, mauve flowers … and many more.

Of course, it is not a plant that is without problems, much less; One of the most tedious pests that can affect you is the Geranium butterfly . The problem with the pest is that there are no 100% effective measures against it; the only thing that really works is to start with the preventive measures before the heat arrives. If the plague manifests itself, it is really complicated to end it, so the geranium may end up dying without remedy.


The petunias are also some interesting plants outside for the summer  you should not miss in your garden. Not only do they have an incredible bloom, but they are also quite durable.

They will begin to bloom when the first weeks of spring arrive, but their floating will extend well into the fall. That is, it will take advantage of the months of higher temperature to flourish. In those places where temperatures are also warm in winter they can last much longer. However, it should be considered that blooms in older plants are not usually as characteristic.

They hold the direct rays of the sun well, but they will also need shade from time to time. If you want to plant petunias , make sure the subscriber is good, with a high quality substrate type.

Among the pests we have to control if we have petunias are the red spider or aphids. Unlike what happened to us with geranium, these pests are more or less simple to complicate: we will only have to get a suitable insecticide for them.

If we want to create special effects with this plant, we can get a nursery and hanging petunias. We assure you that they will look great in the garden.


Of course, the verbena is a perennial plant that had to be yes or yes in this list of summer plants . They are very elegant, with a characteristic pink-violet color with a white and yellow center in their flowers that will make us fall in love from the start. They withstand high temperatures well, but not cold, so it is not recommended to plant them in places where frost is strong.

Many people hang the verbena in pots that are placed high, because they get a most interesting effect. It can also be placed in combination with other plants, creating the most aesthetic sets.

It can be preserved for many years … but always taking into account what we have done about how little this plant likes cold.

The variety of colors in which we can find it is rather scarce, although this is compensated by the blooming charismatic it gets.


The semperflores begonias are considered by many as the best summer plants with flowers in the world. However, they do not hold the direct sun too well, so our recommendation is that you place them in the semi-shade, even in the total shade. This plant, as long as it is in a warm temperature, can survive without any problem.

This plant is marketed as annual, although it is true that with proper care you will be able to survive much longer. It has the same problem as verbena ; If we decide to plant it in the garden, it is possible that it will not survive in the moment when the cold arrives. However, if we take it inside the house in winter, it will surely live.

They need plenty of water, although it will be necessary to water below to avoid the usual fungal pests that may occur.

They have very aesthetic green leaves, elegant reddish flowers and it is considered a perfect plant to combine in pots with other plants.


The Dahlia is a curious flower that presents us with more than 2000 varieties depending on the type of flower. In this way you will not lack alternatives to customize the garden with the desired style and color.

That can plant both in the garden, and on the terrace; All they need is to receive enough light. Our recommendation is that you place it in a sunny place, but do not receive the sun directly. Avoid air currents and check that the soil is always moist to make it grow the way you would expect. Also, study the leaves and finish with those that are dry.


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