101 Fun Summer Activities For Kids And Couples

 So when it comes back to school, you’ll have proof that you had a great summer!101 Fun Summer Activities For Kids And Couples.

1 Learn to whistle.
2 Watch (and photograph) a sunset.
3 Go cheer on the local baseball, soccer or football team.
4 Enjoy an ice cream after dark.
5 Build a fire, pull out our repertoire of popular songs and sing along.
6 Sleep in a tent set up in the yard.
7 Build a sandcastle on a beach in Quebec (to find out about the different sites: quebecvacances.com ), in a park or in the yard.
8 Go fishing.
9 Organize a bicycle rally in the neighborhood.
10Prepare a battle of “balloons” filled with water or any other water game. Perfect for a hot day!

Sell ​​lemonade in a makeshift kiosk in front of the house.
12 Make soap bubbles.
13 Find a pond and go hunting for frogs.
14 Go on a night excursion in search of nocturnal insects, why not?
15 Organize a funfair at home with games of skill (knock down stacked cans, run a run in jute pockets, etc.)
16 See a fireworks display … or two … or three!
17 Eat breakfast outside.
18 Find at least one hot air balloon in the sky.
19Eat cotton candy, a taffy apple or any other treat that reminds us of the holidays.
20 Wash cars … and earn money by washing those of neighbors!

 Invent a new kind of homemade popsicle, with pieces of fruit, chocolate chips or even gummies inside.
22 See an outdoor play.
23 Roll! Choose the activity you prefer – rollerblading, scooter, bicycle or other – and take a bike path that you do not know.
24 Get out our ice skates and dive back into winter for a few hours on the Atrium skating rink in Montreal or the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City.
25 Decorate a cap with feathers, sequins and sparkling colors.
26 Taste a new flavor of ice cream (eg strawberry / basil).
27Horseback riding.
28 Sleeping in a hammock. What a beautiful nap!
29 Observe birds with binoculars.
30 Visit a farm or a small zoo.

 Put on a play, pull out the folding chairs, hand out tickets and put on the show in front of friends and neighbors.

32 Play the “tag” and invent new versions.
33 Catch (and release!) A butterfly. Ethnologist’s kit in hand: net, magnifying glass, forceps and pots with ventilation holes.
34 Play cloud race or just observe them and find them similar to animals.
35 Gather friends and improvise a baseball game.
36 Play miniputt with the family.
37 Make a journal about a day (or a week) of our family. By hand or on the computer, according to our talents!
38My house, my museum! Create a very personal exhibition of the family’s works by displaying one in each room or by tracing a path using drawings.
39 Is the weather nice? Hold this exhibit outdoors by hanging the designs on the clothesline or fence.
40 Imitate ants by collecting tons of berries to store them for the winter.

Make pies or jams with part of our provisions.
42 Do we have sea legs? We try canoeing, kayaking or sailing.
43 Visit a marina, a port or an airport to observe the fabulous machines that are there and dream of going far away.
44 Dancing in puddles, wearing boots or barefoot after a shower.
45 Increase the number of visits to the market to discover new varieties of vegetables.
46 Invite relatives to a corn roast.
47 Turn rocks into animals by painting them beautifully!
48 Planning a fake (or the next) trip to get away from it all without even moving.
49Play pirates: hide a treasure, draw the plan of the courtyard, distribute the map to the pirate apprentices of the house who will follow the indications leading to the treasure.
50 Play board games on the lawn. Build a cabin in the yard. In a tree, it’s even better!
52 Walking on wet sand.
53 Discover one new park per week. We explore on foot, by bike or by car.
54 Draw a mural on the sidewalk with colored chalk. Or, for the older ones, between two street corners, write the lyrics to a beautiful song or a thought on the asphalt near the sidewalk. This is a nice way to light up the faces of passers-by.
55 Plant a sunflower and keep a diary of its growth.
56Improvise an ice cream counter at home by multiplying the possible toppings (white or dark chocolate shavings, candied cherries, maple butter, brown sugar, berries, etc.)
57 Create a cartoon. 58 Bake muffins in ice cream cones and top with colored icing. 59 Running around festivals and celebrations in the region. 60 Have fun in inflatable games

Bite into a juicy watermelon. For parents, concoct a melon daiquiri … delicious!
62 Play hideout. New version: when the sun is down, we take out the flashlights and we play!
63 Looking at the stars with a telescope or with the naked eye.
64 Make a scarecrow for the garden.
65 Organize a karaoke with a fake microphone and fake guitar for real good fun!
66 Represent, on paper, a city. Cut out a large piece of wrapping paper and let the children draw on the white side. It includes the police station, soccer field, arena, school, daycare, pharmacy, swimming pool, etc.
67Gardening with the children. Plant, transplant and water flowers and vegetable plants. Swap shoots or crops with neighbors.
68 Toasting marshmallows on a fire.
69 Take a walk on a dock and dip your feet in the water.
70 Catching fireflies.

Create your “summer 2009” sweater by drawing with fabric pencils on a plain t-shirt.
72 Flying a kite.
73 Start a collection of special seashells or pebbles.
74 Make a memory box: take a box with a lid and let the children garnish it with leaves, glitter, feathers, photos, seashells and more.
75 Painting with your fingers (or feet!) Outdoors.
76 Set up a herbarium: collect various leaves, dry them between the pages of a book, then glue them into a notebook. Do not forget to indicate which tree they come from.
77Make a bouquet of fresh flowers … and give it to mom, grandma or the babysitter.
78 Watching a family of ducks waddle around.
79 Bite into a tomato or cucumber freshly picked from its plant.
80 Getting dirty from head to toe … without worry!

Walking a dog or taking care of a cat from another family.
82 Invent a new family ritual: for example, every Saturday noon, have a picnic in the park.
83 Read a new series of books that you didn’t know. Make it a family activity.
84 Imagine living on a desert island for a whole day. Read Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe for inspiration.
85 Lounging for an entire afternoon on a lounge chair. Bring only what you need (let’s say three items!) To savor delicious hours of lazing around.
86Organize a series of wacky contests: the most skipping rope to dance, the most minutes of hula-hooping, etc.
87 Practicing a scooter.
88 Climbing as a family. Try indoor or outdoor climbing.
89 Practice hebertism, in particular aerial hebertism – Tree to Tree tours offered throughout the province.
90 Building a boat (using empty plastic bottles or pieces of wood).

 Race on a pond on a windy day with the boats we built!
92 Take a walk in the woods.
93 Create a bestiary with photos of all the animals seen and observed during the summer.
94 Take a ride, big or small.
95 Gather a few families for a big picnic.
96 Playing frisbee, cricket, pétanque, pockets, etc.
97 Take lots of pictures of everything we do in the summer.
98 Changing the furniture in the bedrooms.
99 Build a birdhouse and install a watering hole or a nesting box.
100Play sound detective. Everyone records sounds around the house and makes others guess.
and … 101 Create a scrapbooking album or a photo album gathering all our holiday memories.

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