10 situations that make you doubt yourself

Being a parent is often self-doubt. And therefore, of his parenting abilities. This is normal, but it must remain temporary. There are certain situations that can shake our confidence a bit:10 situations that make you doubt yourself.

  1. When our children fight endlessly

“But what did I do to make them incapable of loving each other for two seconds, these children?” When the going gets tough, we sometimes forget the good times. Conflicts are more upset than serenity.

  1. When we make a mistake

Nobody is perfect. To miss his point, to make a mistake, to be royally mistaken, it happens. You have to repent, but not too much to flog yourself. We often tend to exaggerate our bad moves to the detriment of the good ones.

  1. When a bacon crisis occurs

In the midst of a crisis in public, when we don’t have the ideas and resources to handle the situation effectively, we are likely to doubt ourselves. It goes.

  1. When we compare

The saying “When we compare, we console ourselves” was invented before the appearance of social networks. Thereupon, it is the festival of flash and the trophy child. No wonder if we ogle the supposedly hectic lives of others, we find our own very ordinary. Poor kids with flat parents.

  1. When our child is (or is subjected to) bullying

Just the word has become taboo these days. A scary word. When it enters our reality, if only indirectly, it makes us shudder. And it is not rare that we find ourselves helpless.

  1. When our child stands up to us. 

A child (old enough to realize what he is doing) who sends his parents for a walk, it shakes. Even if it is usually temporary and everything is back to normal quickly, doubt sets in. “Ayoye, I would never have dared to say that to my parents!” Am I too soft? ”

  1. When our child is having difficulty

When things are not doing well in an area, it’s easy to blame yourself. At school, in sports, in social relationships… We always wonder if it’s our fault. What if I had detected this earlier? What if I had done things differently? What if and if and if?

  1. When our child develops bad habits

We’re doing our best to make them functional humans. We accept small deviations because perfection only exists with Caillou. Then one day, they point out their little quirks to us from another angle and anguish sets in. So I should have done this or that… I should have reacted before… etc.

  1. When our child lacks confidence

What we regret the most in life is not having rushed at the right time. Of having stepped back, of having been afraid. When we feel a fragile confidence in our child, we fear that it will haunt him too. And since we are what we are, guilt steps in.

  1. When we lack energy

There are days when being a parent seems like an overwhelming task. Too difficult, too fuzzy, too demoralizing. We sincerely wonder if we are the only ones in the world who do not find pleasure in this. Then the hours pass, we receive a mini hug, we enjoy a little smile, we watch a child sleep and suddenly, everything is better.

There is no secret to finding the path to parental serenity. Doubt is part of the adventure. We just must not let doubt win the battle.

You are strong.


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