Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerian civilization is considered the oldest and the first urban civilization of mankind, dating from the years 3,000-2,350 BC and arises between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in southern Mesopotamia, Sumeria is a historical region of the Middle East.

Town of the Blackheads

This is how this town called itself a great temple that is currently preserved because they have been rebuilt over time or are archaeological sites.

Origin of the Sumerians

There is no complete clarity of origin because there are no known written records, Sumerian sculptures show a high rate of brachycephalic skulls, also together with the colorations and dimensions of the sculptures, they indicate a mixture between Caucasians and black members.

Sumerian Organization

This society was organized in a hierarchical and stratified manner, beginning with the king, followed by priests, then military chiefs and followed by high-level officials, merchants, minor officials followed by specialized craftsmen, then craftsmen, peasants and finally at the lowest level. There were the slaves.

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Main Sumerian Cities

  1. Eridu
    2. Uruk
    3. Ur
    4. Kish
    5. Lagash
    6. Umma
    7. Nippur

Sumerian Religion

Their practices and beliefs varied greatly over time, so it is not possible to speak of a Sumerian religion as such, in addition, because each city had its own theological thought, what is known, is that the Sumerians inspired religion, mythology and mesopotamian astrology.

The Sumerians explained that the things that happened around them were by the magic of the spirits, they considered that the sun, the stars, the moon and the reed that grew around them were gods.

It is known that, in the belief of the Sumerians, the gods provided them with everything they needed to know, revealed their abilities and also controlled the past and the future.

Some of their gods were An, god of heaven, Nammu, mother goddess, Utu, sun god, Nannar, the moon god, Inanna, goddess of love and war.

Architecture of the Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerian buildings were made of mud bricks, were flat convex structures and the gaps were filled with bitumen.

The most famous style of the Sumerian constructions were the Ziggurats or stepped towers, history mentions that these structures may have been part of the bases of the biblical tower of Babel.

Inventions of the Sumerians

  1. Probably the most relevant was about the years 3,000 BC and was the invention of the wheel.
    2. The sexagesimal system.
    3. First vestiges of modern writing.
    4. The written laws.
    5. The adobe bricks.
    6. The constructions with arches.
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